Saturday, June 18, 2011

A look at the Trangia Stove

I’ve mentioned the Swedish made Trangia before. Here’s a video I made showing how it works. The concept is the same as the “can stove” or “penny stove”, but these ones are better made and more durable.

Trangia Spirit Alcohol Stove
Trangia Spirit Alcohol Stove $14.99

I consider it an ideal survival stove because its extremely simple and rugged, and the alcohol it uses can be easily found. From gas stations, supermarkets to drugstores or scrounging some out of a first aid box, somehow, somewhere, you’ll manage to get a bit of alcohol.

Because of its size it would work for SEK (survival/emergency kits) but it can be used for emergency cooking at home as well.

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Anonymous said...

What I like is the multi-fuel capability of those stoves. I've read (but have not tried) that alcohol based hand cleanser can be used in these stoves as well to cook. Makes a product multi-use - yep, gotta try that one out.

Have four or five of those Swedish cooking kits, bought when they were cheap some years ago. Used to sell for 2 - or three kits for $10, the stove, stand, pot and skillet cover all included! Darn nice deal.

GunRights4US said...

To be called a trangia stove, it rightly should include a billy can and a windscreen. This one for sale seems to only include the burner.