Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Volcano Ash Cloud in Buenos Aires

So this morning while walking my oldest son to school we found that a dense ash fog had settled on Buenos Aires.

Now its much better but it basically depends on the volcano activity and the wind we get.
Here’s the photo of the volcano ash cloud and how its reached BS As on the upper right coast.

Its not nearly as bad as it is down south in Patagonia, especially in Villa la Angostura and Bariloche.
 If you happen to be there, you’re pretty much out of luck since there’s no power or tap water in Bariloche as of this morning, the water is contaminated and the tourist winter season being just a week away means the one and only economic horsepower of the region is doomed for this year at least. As it happened a couple years ago when another volcano erupted in this same area, livestock will have no food and most will die. Respirator masks are selling for 10USD each ( like it happened last time) and of course there’s eye irritation and respiratory problems.

This morning in Buenos Aires it smelled like something burned mixed with a bit of sulfur, guess that’s what volcano ashes smell like. As I walked back from school I did feel a bit of itching down the throat and a bit of eye irritation. Having eyewear helps some and If you have to be on the street for long its better to have an N95 respirator.
Remember these posts I’ve made about the importance of respirators?
What to do during a revolt/riot?
Must haves, at all times.

In my EDC video on youtube posted a couple months ago you can also see that I have a folding respirator in my EDC bag.
These are one of the best I've tried(N95 rated), its also neat that they fold flat, have a valve and adjust to most face shape nicely. Add a few to your Bug out Bags or EDC kits. One days you'll be happy you have it.
3M R9211-10 N95 Cool-Flow Particulate Sanding Respirator, 10-Pack
3M R9211-10 N95 Cool-Flow Particulate Sanding Respirator, 10-Pack
No crystal ball here, just being systematic about what’s essential for survival and the Laws of 3 (you can’t survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours of exposure, 3 days without water or 3 weeks without food) Give or take some, it pretty much sums up what´s essential to sustain life and what you should never forget in your preparations.
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Doug From Oz said...

All the Greenies who want to cripple industry around the world with penalties for carbon generation never mention that the world's volcanoes have thrown thousands of times more garbage into the atmosphere than all mankind's pollution right from when the first capitalist rubbed two bucks together.
With regards to the face masks, we had a massive dust cloud about a year ago. (Picked up from the drought areas inland and dumped on the Eastern Seaboard from Sydney on up) and everything from respirators to those little flu masks sold out. It was quite impressive watching the massive wall of the cloud roll in; looked like a Hollywood nuclear fallout nightmare!