Friday, July 22, 2011

Crime on the Rise: Three simple Tips to keep in Mind

Just an FYI, locally, Topeka KS, we are starting to see the same kind of robberies you wrote about some time ago.
The bad guys are following the victims home and jacking them in their driveway, or as they try to go to the front door.  A recent case had the bad guy actually run into the garage behind the car as the victims pulled inside to park, they were robbed inside their own garage.
I have been steering friends towards reading your site as there is so much good information.

Hi Chuck, this is exactly why I mention security and crime so much. It’s going to keep being a problem, very likely get worse all across. Soon enough it’s not going to be just a problem in bigger cities or the known bad parts of town, but a generalized problem where either people adapt or suffer the consequences.

At first those consequences are simple material loss. As crime gets worse the price to pay for your lack of preparation in this field will be higher, and ultimately if it gets really bad you end up paying the ultimate price.

It´s much better to instead take sensible measures now, be a bit more careful and aware of your personal and home security. Prevention in this area is a great investment.
The typical American garage is ideal for criminals. As you describe they just have to hide or pretend to just walk by minding their business, then rush as you drive into your garage. A gun to your face and you are forced out of the vehicle and into the house.

Some advice based on living with exactly that sort of crime for decades:

1) Understand that the times when you are entering or leaving the house they are the window of opportunity for criminals. Be extra aware during them. Look out the window before opening the garage to leave, and if you see suspicious people OR vehicles nearby when you approach your home just keep driving and turn around the block. If the suspicious individuals are still around, call your house to warn them about what’s going on and call 911. Eventually this is how you end up avoiding being a victim. In many occasions where such calls were made cops later found out that the stalking suspects where in fact armed and waiting to commit a crime. Don’t be self-conscious when it comes to the well-being of your family and yourself.

2)Don’t make it easy for them. Clear bush or objects that provide cover for would-be attackers near to the entry points of your house such as the main entrance or the garage. There should be no place for them to hide near by. Again, criminals are clever and all they may need is to walk by and hurry their pace as you open the garage, so be aware of your surroundings. A motion activated light installed over your garage door will make sure the area is illuminated if anyone happens to lurk around location.

3) If you fail at the above and end up having to use a concealed carry firearm, you will need it as fast as possible. This means it should be carried in a way that is accessible for you when seated. This we’ve trained in the “Fighting in and around Vehicles” class. Usually a 3 or 4 oclock carry works, but it depends on the holster used, the type of body you have and the car seat shape. How will you access your firearm if you are suddenly attacked? Try drawing it a few times to check for yourself from the seated position. Finally, you’re sitting on 5000 pounds of steel powered by a 200HP engine, that has much greater stopping power than a 124 gr piece of led pushed by a few grains of gun powder.

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Anonymous said...

All good tips to avoid trouble. Should trouble come your way and you be forced to use your firearm plan on it and any others in your home, regardless of ownership, being seized until you are cleared through the court system. A wise man would stash a good pistol and if possible a shotgun against such a happening. Even a single barrel shotgun is better than empty hands.

h&c said...

well said.
there are SO MANY
options available.
use what you have
right now.
your car/your firearm/
your dogs/your whatever.
one point: see above..dogS.
not one dog. two or more make
the difference. one is none.