Monday, July 11, 2011

Networking to Survive Disasters?

This NPR article on research about disasters struck me as similar to
the message you often carry on your site.
It seems like a good reason to be open to “joining” in the community.
For some reason I am reminded of HAM radio operators and the community
(of preparedness) they tend to foster. We recently had a storm with
sheer winds that put out power across the area. I found myself
thinking, “I bet the HAMs are all on talking to each other and
figuring out what’s going on.” Because that’s the kind of community
they are.

Hi Don, thanks for the link. The article brings up many good points.

While you are mostly on your own and you should prepare so as to get by without exterior help, your network of friends and neighbors is of great importance on many levels. Dont think just about help after a tsumani, something as simple as high unemployment means that the people you know are your only hope of finding a job any time soon. It happened in Argentina after 2001, its happening in Greece, even in Spain. The people you know and who’s willing to help makes all the difference.

About HAM radios, Jonas Parker asked me a couple days ago to open a Communications forum over at The Modern Survivalist Forums . HAM radios are often used after disasters when telephones are down and would be one possible mean of communication.

If you’re into HAM radios, you might want to get in touch with like minded people.

Join the forum discussion on this post

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Chris in LA said...

Funny Zero Hedge has an article referencing Argentina and community building as a survival technique.

Ferfal what do you think?