Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EDC Update

Hello Ferfal,
I really appreciate your forum – it’s been a real eye awakener.  Glad I got your bookI’ve read a lot of your posts on “gear” and was noticing some of them were 2-3 years old (I dug through the archives, thanks).  I was curious if you could post an updated review on all your EDC-keychain/knife/gear, what you are carrying TODAY, what you’ve used in the past but didn’t like, and what’s been the ‘best’ EDC items you’ve owned.
Also, I just picked up this Gerber Artifact from Amazon, and was curious your thoughts as well:

Gerber 22-41770 Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool
Hi Lefty,
I spend thousands of dollars a year on gear I don’t like, I just don’t feel its needed to say “this is crap”. Well,  except for Nite Glowrings,  which I can say are 100% crap.
I’ve been pretty much using the same stuff with just smaller variations here and there.
I still work around a system where my keychain has the elemental basics, a knife/tools, a LED light and a lighter, in my case a Swiss Army Knife Midnight Minichamp, a Fenix LDO1, titanium Peanut lighter and a couple mini Prybars.  The idea here is that if I have nothing else except for the keys of my house, at least I have some basics covered.
Then moving towards clothes and pockets yes I have a more powerful LED light, a better knife and multitool as well as a cellphone, wallet and a bit else.
Check the video I just made showing and explaining my EDC update.

The Artifact is pretty interesting. I intend to buy one for reviewing. It seems functional though I already have smaller prybars and don’t believe I’d carry one in my keychain or pocket. It is still an interesting proposition and I see how someone that doesn’t carry a lot of tools would put one to good use frequently when it lives in a persons pocket or keychain.
Take care!
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Anonymous said...

I used to carry the Gerber Artifact but quit because it is angled and was either poking my leg or poking a hole in my jeans. I do like that it has a Phillips head screwdriver and while the razor is nice it is redundant if you carry a sharp knife. I now carry a Schrade Pry Tool which I like and has a small hex wrench that I can use as a bit driver for a Phillips head/Flat Head drill bit since standard drill bits fit in it perfectly.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I would like to know, now that you've emigratted to Northern Ireland, were you allowed to bring your weapons with you or did you have to sell or give them away? Are you even allowed a knife to protect yourself with, since Northern Ireland is, I believe, similar to Canada in their relationship with England? My family all came from Southern Ireland during and after the Easter Rising.