Monday, January 16, 2012

Swiss Army Knife for Defense?

Hi Ferfal,
Thanks for your great blog! I’ve read it for some months now and find it very useful, also for the circumstances here in Germany.
My concern is: Here in Germany we are having very restrictive weapon laws. Nearly everything is forbidden, except long fingernails
What I am wearing though is pepper spray (allowed only against animals!). But I’d also like a defensive knive.
I think a folder with one-hand opening would be ideal. But again the laws… They only may be worn when intended for a socially accepted purpose. My interpretation: the more similar to a swiss army knive the more likely I don’t get in conflict with the police. I already looked into the Victorinox and Wenger product range but found nothing satisfying
So my question: what would be your edc defensive knive recommendation similar to an SAK and fitting into a pocket?
Thanks and take care.

Hi Michael!
First of all I want to note the huge different between difficult and impossible. There’s almost no country where you cannot own some kind of firearm. Even if gun laws are getting worse all the time there’s still options. Even if its “just” a double barrel shotgun, its still a firearm (and a pretty effective one, I might add).
If you have to join a club and go duck hunting for a year before you can buy a gun, just do it. Who knows, you might even enjoy it. I’ve done the impossible to get my guns back in Argentina, even when most people believed I was just wasting time and money. You just keep trying until you get there.
Second point before addressing your question. You are the real weapon. The rest are just tools used. For a person that understands this there’s never a moment when you’re truly unarmed if you commit to it. Even on a plane you’re not defenseless if you have the right pen or the right flashlight.

Surefire 6P LED Defender Single Output LED Flashlight

Schrade SCPENBK Tactical, Pen Black
Under the conditions you describe, I’d go for this SAK.  Its not even a knife, it’s a “Rescue Tool”.

Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool
You still have a very practical blade and a few tools that may come in handy. Even the glass breaker could break other things besides glass if your life is at stake.
As a general purpose tool that isn’t military style or tactical looking, I highly recommend this tool.

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Anonymous said...

For all of you living in places where defensive tools (knives, guns, etc.) are more heavily restricted, a friend of mine who does firearms and self-defense training taught me that many ordinary objects can be made into weapons at a moment's notice. My favorite of all the ones he told me about: the humble CD/DVD. They are legal everywhere, look innocuous, are something most people could/would ordinarily carry, and when broken in two have a very sharp edge capable of slashing (just remember to break it pushing away from you so you don't get a shard in your face). They aren't pretty, but they are effective if you employ them properly. Another item he always carries is a sturdy, innocuous looking pen which doesn't attract the same attention that a 'tactical' pen would.

Mike Messina said...

Simple solution is a popular inner city one here:

Use a long screwdriver.

They're tough , innocuous and will punch through anything when you're determined.

Blackthorn D. Stick said...

Or try this link


Anonymous said...

If placed within this situation, and I wanted something to carry on me and be acceptable to most everyone, I'd choose one of the larger multi-tools carried in a pouch. They have good weight and solid construction. They are kind of a combo yawara/concealable blade all in one. You have the option of how you want to deploy.If you know your business, you can take someone apart with one of these, yet for the average person, it is not a weapon. I think they are probably legal just about everywhere, besides an airline. It also makes an excellent EDC tool kit, which would be my story if questioned by the cops.

Anonymous said...

For a tatical pen i would recomend something that can take a Fisher space pen refill, so it can actually function as a pen. Also a pen doesnt need to be Black, Have a military look, or even be made of metal. All pens have one thing in common and that is a point.

Anonymous said...

When I used to walk in woodland frequently, I had a small but sturdy stick that, when held in my closed hand, stuck out either side of my hand by about an inch. Doesn't sound like much, but the ends were sharp and it would have made a fine gouging tool.