Tuesday, February 14, 2012

64 year-old Can of Food still Edible

The link includes a video of the actual testing by experts and the owner of the can of lard , 87 year old Hans Feldmeier, who was handed the can of lard by US troops in Germany.
Hans took the can to field experts who opened it and after determining that it was still edible, spread it over a few crackers and ate it!
If you go by the textbook, cans of food last a couple years and little more. If you go by actual experience, there’s cans that have been found underwater dating from the civil war that were still edible.
In theory, if the food was canned and sealed inside when sterilized, there should be no bacteria in there to turn it bad.
While some acid vegetables may be the exception, the truth is that properly canned food lasts way beyond its expiration or “best by” date.
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Double Tapper said...

The only time food really goes bad in a can is when there is some sort of bacterial contamination. Pretty easy to spot - such cans usually bulge from the pressure built up inside. A bulge is way different than a dented can.

One of Double Tapper's rules of survival is that most of the time when you are told to "get rid" of something is it so that you will have to go out and buy more.

A good survival larder consists of several forms of stored food. Canned, dried, freeze dried and frozen to augment fresh foods. Frozen foods like meats and vegetables, especially if they are vacuum packed, hold their flavors and nutrients well. Just take care not to overly rely on frozen stores.

Anonymous said...

"most of the time when you are told to "get rid" of something is it so that you will have to go out and buy more."

Certainly true of medications. The U.S .Army tested ciprofloxin, the antibiotic, and found it was fine 9 years later.

Hi-acid foods have years of life;I'd be cautious about items like beans, carrots, etc. and, as you noted, watch for can leakage.


Anonymous said...

I was over in Munich, we had those large pretzels and some lovely whipped stuff with little red and green flecks to scoop up with them; someone asked what it is. "Pork fat". Most stopped enjoying, I did not. It's yummy!

thehungryegghead said...

Good to know. Love your blog.

I am an atypical reader as I am a female living in Hong Kong, with a blog focused on life in Hong Kong, and eating out.

It is really hard to store anything due to the humidity and what not but I still enjoy reading your blog very much.

Brass said...

Ciprofloxacin and many other medications, perhaps, but not all medications. Aspirin and tetracycline are two medications among many that you do NOT want to use past their expiration dates. They can harm you.

Be sure of what you're dealing with.