Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A few announcements

1)Yesterday I did another interview with Jack Spirko for the Survival Podcast. Its always a pleasure to talk with jack and we had a great time as always. We talked about a variety of topics, the interview went very well so keep an eye on it. I believe it will be up for listening tomorrow.
2)VPro of the Dutch televisions made a nice documentary on Argentina 10 years after the crisis. They did one back in 2001 so had the chance to see how people were doing a decade later.  I didn’t get the chance to be in it myself because I was just leaving the country but got to help some, contacting Alejandro Pintos on their behalf, a police officer friend of mine. Overall it’s a nice documentary that shows different aspects of the country. From what poor people go through, the extinct middle class, well described by Alejando as lower middle class, and the rich guy that manage to land on his feet and profit from the crisis. Too bad its in Dutch and Spanish. I’ll post again once its translated.
3)There’s a good chance I’ll be making it to the Colorado Springs Self Reliance Expo, May 18- 19. I had a great time last time. On this occasion I’ll have time to organize better. Really looking forward to going to USA again.
Oh! One last thing. Busse is now offering a great looking knife, know doubt its an outstanding performer based on its classic lines alone and knowing what you can expect from INFI steel. Its called  Team Gemini.

No, I don’t own one, still making up my mind about getting one or not. No, I don’t make a single cent out of it and have no relationship with Busse whatsoever, I just happen to like their knives and… drums… they are actually offering a sheath for this one! At $337 these knives sure aren’t cheap but its still the knife to be beaten by all other manufacturers in terms of abuse resistance and steel quality.
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Anonymous said...

Although you recommend very expensive knives at least you don't limit yourselves to them. You recommend alot of cheap but still good self defense knives like the cold steel roach belly. You also emphasize the quality of the steel and less the knife brand or other high end features. Enabling people to search for the cheapest knife with the highest quality steel they can live with for their intended purpose. You also demonstrated the effect of blade shape on slashing effectiveness, which has made me keep an eye out for recurved blade designs (Cold Steel Voyager, Rajah and others) for optimum self defence use.

KaliExpat said...

Hi there,

I found your website from the survival podcast. I am a huge fan of Busse Combat and I own a few. They are outstanding knives, but if you find them expensive try Bark River or Falkniven knives. Both companies offer near custom knives designed for function and durability.

Great Site.