Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SHTF Footware: Shoes from a Modern Survival Perspective

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about survival minded footwear for Survivalcache.com.
Basically its about the importance of adequate shoes, not only for daily use but a bit beyond that, footwear that can perform in more trying situations.
Trying to imagine some possible scenarios, you can see how sometimes you may have to run from danger, step on debris, walk home cross country after your car breaks down, walk yourself out of a collapsed structure or even a disaster stricken city (flood, earthquake, terrorist attack) where the place is littered with debris and sharp objects.
This video I did today covers this and explains the logic I apply in my own footwear selection.

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Anonymous said...

Redwings, every time. www.redwingshoes.com.
I have no interest in the company other than the satisfaction of owning some of their superb, durable, comfortable shoes over two decades.

Anonymous said...

I have owned a pair of Red Wing pull-up boots for 20 years. I have not worn them consistently all those years, but when I wore them it was all hard ranch work. Now I just use them to cut the grass and similar chores around the house.

I'm putting new soles on them and get another 10 years out of them.

I also own wolverines Raider steel toe. Extremely comfortable and durable shoes.

Jose Garcia