Sunday, June 17, 2012

Types of Criminals



Anonymous said...

If you're going the easiest way and just recording videos, why don't you just shut this blog down and open youtube channel instead?

Some people might be enjoying actually READING, some may have slow or limited internet access.

Just sayin

Anonymous said...

So, if the more professional criminals work during the day, what does that make police officers executing "no knock" warrants in the middle of the night?

FerFAL said...

Hi Anon.11.27, I have a youtube channel already!
Its the channel you see the video on, themodernsurvivalist!

Anonymous said...

Anon.11.27 was being a little bit sarcastic (unfortunately, sarcasm doesn't transmit well in writing and can be difficult to pick up if you're not familiar with it). He was implying that if you're just going to post videos all the time, then there is no point in maintaining the blog (not that you should actually do that). I take it he doesn't like how you are moving to more and more videos at the expense of the written word. His point was that videos aren't the best way to reach everybody.

In a lot of respects I agree with his points (but not his delivery method). Videos are nice for some things, but if I'm in a hurry I will usually blow right past them. I'm busy and a lot of times I just don't have 30 minutes to spend on watching a video, especially if I'm unsure of it being worth my time. (I do this for every website, not just yours. I ignore far more videos than I watch.) If you give it to me in text, however, I can have it read (at least the main points) in 5 minutes or less. At that point, if it warrants a closer read, it will get a closer read (most stuff on the internet doesn't warrant a closer read, however).

He is also correct that for people with slow internet connections (there are still *many* people in the US with dialup connections, especially in rural areas), videos aren't very helpful because their connections are just too slow to be useful with videos. Give them at least some text, however, and they can still get your message.

In my experience, videos and other media should support text, not replace it entirely. At the very least, give us a short blurb or paragraph describing the main highlights of the video. Then, if someone is interested in the rest of the video, at least they know what to expect.