Monday, June 25, 2012

Victorinox GAK: Retro-Coolness EDC

Little review on the German Army Knife. These where made by Victorinox (and other manufacturers) from 1976 to 1986 and it stayed in use until 2003 when replaced with the latest Soldier model with locking blade. A no-nonsense robust pocket knife, this was the first 108mm format knife byVictorinox and the first one to use nylon scales. Good models are still found here and there tough the going price is slowly rising since these are a bit of collectors pieces, if you happen to come across one in good shape for 20 or 30 USD, dont doubt in picking it up for your collection or as a very cool and funcitonal EDC pocket knife!



Dan said...

I've got one of those that I got in Germany back in 1989. It must be a knock off though because it doesn't have that cool embossed eagle on it, but rather had a sticker (that I immediately lost). The knife is great, though, with a wicked-sharp blade and very functional saw. I've used that saw many times. I don't carry it since I have my Leatherman, but one of my sons will probably get it soon.

Dan said...

I take it back - mine is a Victorinox. I wish now that I had been able to keep the label - it would be worth more! :)