Friday, August 3, 2012

Argentina: Murderers that Support the K Regime just walk out of Prison

You cant make this stuff up


Oh yes, that’s exactly what´s going on. Eduardo Vásquez murdered his wife by burning her alive, Rubén “Oveja” Pintos is a well-known assassin involved in Argentina’s hooligan underworld (Barra Brava), convicted of murdering and enemy within his own barra brava organization.
Presos en mitines
Eduardo Vaquez, a free man. He was found guilty of murder by burning his wife alive in 2011.

What do both of them have in common? Besides being recent 2011 convicted murders, they can just walk out of prison as if nothing as long as they support the K regime, show up in their rallies, parties and militate in the K organization by joining the “Vatayon Militante” organization.
“Vatayon Militante” (VM) translates to a misspelled “Military battalion”, purposefully misspelled using V instead of B and Y instead of LL so as to appeal to the lower cultural segments of society through the grammatical error.  VM was created by the Kirchner Youth, called “La Campora”, in an attempt to recruit muscle and crash force within the prison system to be used against everyone and anyone that opposes the K ruling.

Extremely dangerous convicted felons, murderers, assassins, thieves and rapists, are recruited in prison by the K leaders through VM, all they have to do is beat a drum, try singing, talking, play soccer or anything that could be considered a “cultural” activity, and then as long as they promise to support “the national and popular project “ of Cristina Kirchner they are free to go. The Chief of Federal Prisons along with many of the wives of these criminals run the VM project, and K judges swiftly approve these exits, making everything nice and legal. We are supposed to believe that after enjoying a long day of freedom these brutal murderers just go back to their cells, but who’s controlling and why bother when the Chief of the penitentiary system and the president herself has your back covered.

Cristina Kirchner even had the nerve to publicly defend these events on national television, saying and I quote “its done so as to reinsert them in society”… not a year went by and the guy who burned his wife alive is free? Why would you need to “reinsert” a hooligan mafia assassin that got sentenced for life?
Be a good “K soldier” as they call themselves and you can literally get away with recurrent murder.

So did SHTF or not, and when is it over?

This would be a perfect example of what I often try to describe, how misguided it is to think of WROL and ROL terms when in reality history keeps teaching us that most often theres this gray zone where terrible things are either ignored or plainly made legal in spite of how immoral they are. You have to be ready TODAY, you have to become a modern survivor TODAY because if you keep waiting for the official WROL, balloon going up and the infamous “… when SHTF”, you’ll one day find yourself splattered with poo without understanding what exactly happened. When did SHTF happened exactly will be discussed by academics the next decade. Today, you have to implement all these things that we discuss here to your daily life. If its not practical enough to be done now, it will hardly be practical enough later. If it cant be done now, don’t count on things becoming more convenient for you  when its becoming harder for everyone else. This goes for everything, from the “no, a Glock 17 is too heavy for everyday carry but “…when SHTF” I’ll carry my AR and LBV all day long, day and night”,  to the “ my blood sugar is through the roof and I roll much faster than I can walk.. but “when SHTF” I’ll hunt wild game and work my garden for a living and be in my best shape ever!” & “I cant make a living today because of the government/the illegals/ the Chinese … “but when SHTF” I’ll live like a king by bartering my TP supply…”, no! you have to find a way to make things work now.
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Idahoser said...

excellent, excellent point at the bottom, too easy to overlook if your reader is not interested in Argentinian politics.
Looking at it that way, SHTF a long time ago here in the states about the time it became impossible to not have a senator for president (real reason for the economy crash)

anonymouse said...

+1 on your point at the bottom. This simple point is why i keep coming back to your blog - there is no SHTF point... be ready in the decline!

with all the TEOTWAWKI sites on the web, this reality and common sense is desperately needed.

great stuff - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Kirchnerismo, el cancer de la Argentina. Larvas sedientas de dinero. Vendepatrias ladrones y asesinos.Robaron todo y compraron todo; a la "justicia", las "fuerzas armadas", los políticos opositores, la mayoría de los periodistas,muchos "artistas". Importaron millones de lumpenes de los países vecinos a los que le dan todo los que nos sacan a los, como les gusta decir a ellos "clase mierda", por clase media, "blanquitos",son terroristas y ladrones de la mas baja estofa.
Un saludo cordial Fernando. Entiendo que te fuiste de Argentina, quizás hiciste bien.
Un abrazo.

Larry said...

Great post.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was allowed to camp out on public and private property that, had anyone else tried that, would've gotten them arrested.

With the stroke of a pen, Obama legalized thousands of illegal aliens, they're a much larger group than OWS, but they're not organized in such an overtly militant way.

For the moment, OWS might be the closest thing the USA has to VM.