Friday, August 17, 2012

Folder Size?

Dear Fernando

Is easy to find a Cold Steel Rajah II in Bs. Aires? Cold you please inform me some stores where I can find this knife?
I want 2 CS folding knives, with 6" blades: the Rajah II and the Voyager.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Eduardo, your best bet is to go to fullaventura.com and then go to “comercios”, and check out each store on their online catalogue to see if they have Cold Steels and give them a call. “Armeria Miranda”, located in capital and found under “comercios”, seems to have some available. The prices though, because of the exchange rate and importation blockage, will be pretty high. Usually a brand name knife costs three to four times as much in Argentina compared to US prices.

To the rest of my readers, notice how our friend Eduardo here is looking for big knives, clearly going for larger folders for carry just like I do myself where and when legal to do so. Many people recommend smaller blades believing that a five or six inch blade is too big, too uncomfortable. That’s because they don’t feel an imminent risk, its more about comfort than true concern for self-defense. When things get heated up, when danger feels close because it actually is and people around you are getting hurt, then “comfort” take a second, very distant place. Keep that in mind and if you carry a folder that may end up using for defense get the most capable one, at least four inches long is a good number to go by.

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