Saturday, February 23, 2013

Imminent Civil War in USA?


Anonymous said...

I was worried that this would be a boring video because the person you were responding to was so angry, but... you have a very interesting perspective to leave the country in case of civil war. Also, your comments about how difficult a real economic collapse is are very important. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, you talk with way to much common sense, lol. keep up the good work. Your sane perspectives have helped me to be realistic, and truly prepared for the probable.

Anonymous said...

People have problems understanding the difference between possible and probable.


Anonymous said...


An ancestor of mine came to the US to escape being conscripted by an emperor named Napoleon.

Your level-headed assessment of history and how governments behave should be taught in our schools.

Anonymous said...


You comment that you don't think the economic collapse in U.S. will be as bad as in Argentina. What is your rationale? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow victim of the same kind of tyrant sycophants just north of you, but who currently lives in the US, I commend you for the accuracy of your analysis based on your experience and for the commonsensical suggestions.