Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Zero Tolerance 0200 Military Folder

The knife is the survival tool par excellence. In the world of wilderness survival it's the essential tool that you’re never supposed to be without, the one that allows you to build shelter, procure food, build a fire and basically keep yourself alive.
Zero Tolerance 0200 Military Folder.

In my opinion a knife is also an essential tool for urban survival as well. Not only for cutting strings here and there and opening packages. Sure, a blade comes in handy for ordinary tasks, but on other cases it may be invaluable. As an extreme close range weapon its hard to beat the knife, which is a reason why most gun people that carry a firearm will usually carry a tactical folder as well. A tough knife can be used for limited prying on doors or cutting seat belts and prying victims out of wreckages. For urban survival applications and other demanding scenarios, sometimes you need more than just a cutting tool and the extra toughness can be priceless.

Zero Toleance 0200 Military Folder

The ZT 0200 is clearly a tough use, over-engineered tool. You can tell there’s been no cost compromise in making the knife.
Left to Right: Victorinox, Zero Tolerance 0200 and Spyderco Endura 4.

Design: The folder was designed by Ken Onion. The nearly 4” long and 0,15 “ thick blade is fantastic. It has a subtle yet effective recurved blade that makes it ideal for cutting and slashing, while still achieving a narrow tip that would penetrate nicely for defense or could be used for detailed work as well. The handle is very ergonomic and  will fit most people with medium size hands like a  glove. The knife can be opened both with an ambidextrous thumb stud or by flicking while applying pressure to the flipper.
G10 is used often in High-end Knives

Materials: The steel is 154CM which is used by other high end folder manufacturers. The handles are 3D machined G10. The liner lock is very thick, locking safely into place.
Liner Lock Comparison: Leatherman Charge tt1 on top and the ZT 0200

Construction and Warranty : The knife is well made in USA. The warranty covers any defects and it says Zero Tolerance will re-sharpen your knife free of charge for you.
I wanted to thank Heinne Haynes for their support. You can find this knife here at Heinne as well as lots of other survival related products. 

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Don Williams said...

The Marines tested several tactical folders and reported results in the Sept 2010 issue of Leatherneck magazine. Noted that Zero Tolerance 200ST was one of the few folders that easily stabbed through a flak jacket.
Surprising given its large blade.