Thursday, March 21, 2013

EDC Combos for Different Budgets

Both here and in my youtube channel I get emails and messages from people trying to sort out a reasonable EDC kit. I explained my view on why its important to have a basic set of tools with you at all times in the video on my previous post. When disaster strikes, or when minor life inconveniences show up, what you have with you in your pockets is usually all you have to work with. It can be something as simple as opening a package, repairing something with your multitool, or something as critical as finding a lost child lost in the woods during a day hike, signaling for help or defending your life.

While some of us have piles of gear to review and try out, the most common scenario is that the average person is trying to get squared away without spending a fortune.  Having extra cash in the wallet is just as important so spend your money wisely. These three are my suggestions as of right now:

1) Budget EDC: An affordable but high quality multitool and a good +100 Lumen LED light that uses cheap (and readily available) AA batteries. Sorry, no folder here, but the blade in the Sidekick can be opened single handed and carried clipped to your pocket.

Leatherman Sidekick ® Multi-Tool $26.90

Fenix 115 Lumens Flashlight $26.49

2) Mid Range EDC: Here we have an excellent multitool, a heavy duty folding knife and a 200 lumen LED. Id be a happy camper with these.

Leatherman  New Wave Multitool with Leather/Nylon Combination Sheath $54.09

Fenix PD22 Flashlight High Performance Cree XP-G $54.95

Cold Steel Voyager Lg. Clip Point Plain Edge Knife $45.16

3) Premium EDC: Top of the line gear. A Surefire LED, undisputable military grade toughness and reliabily, though a Titanium Sunwayman Sirius M11R XM-L may be more classy. The best multitool money can buy and one of the most common folders of choice by Special Forces around the globe, in this case the recurved Commander model.

Surefire Backup Click Switch Dual Output LED Flashlight, Black $160.63

Charge TTi Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath and Bit Kit $115.95

Emerson Knives Commander Wave Feature 154CM Radial Thumb Lug $229.95

Yes, you have to throw in a lighter and here I have no perfect answer for you. A Bic will do nicely, but a Clipper which is refillable and has a replaceable flint would be better. I like Djeep lighters too because they have the exact size to fit a few inches or duct tape around them. Zippos are Imcos are nice though not as practical, given that the fuel does evaporate sooner rather than later. An Imco will last tice as long as a Zippo though, and either way you still can use cotton as a filler which you could ignite with the flint and wheel. Whatever you choose, do have a lighter.

That’s it guys, as of right now these are my suggestions. Yours may be different, there’s plenty of good gear out there but these are some of the ones I know you can’t go wrong with. Whatever you do, dont buy junk. Its not worth it, not when quality gear is affordable. If you have other EDC suggestions let me know on the comments section.
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Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to hear how many prioritize the multi-tool over a proper knife; I have a toolbox in my van, and tools available at work or home, so I very rarely have any need for the multitool, but wouldn't dream of being without a knife.

There are so many great knife options below $200; spydercos, benchmades... that Emerson would be a really hard sell on a utility basis.

For the lighter, what about a Numyth Tohil?

Anonymous said...

here's something for your car's
EDC....a 4-way silcock key. link:


Anonymous said...

Great post.

I own three of the items you mentioned: the Leatherman Sidekick, the Fenix E11, and the Cold Steel Large Vaquero.

I chose the Sidekick over more expensive Leathermans, because I honestly do not need that many tools. I find it very handy, but I primarily use it for the pliers and screwdrivers.

I just bought the E11 for myself as a birthday gift: I was looking for a bright inexpensive flashlight that would fit in my pocket and run on a AA. The E11 fit the bill, and so far it is great.

The large Vaquero (Voyager) I bought on your recommendation, and it is awesome. I chose the fully serrated version. I went with the large instead of the extra large because I am a smaller guy and wanted something to fit comfortably in my pockets - it does.

After the Vaquero, I fell in love with Cold Steel: they have great quality knives for the price. I also picked up the Counter Tac II as a small (emphasis on small) boot knife.