Tuesday, March 26, 2013

“Supercard”: the Kirchner’s Government Credit Card for the People

Supermaket Association Juan Vasco Martinez, showing the "Supercard" which of course has to be red...

You thought that the Argentine government had gone nuts when they froze prices and banned supermarkets from advertising in newspapers? Well, that’s the beauty of Cristina Kirchner’s government, whenever they do something ridiculous in an attempt to stop sky rocketing inflation you can rest assured that their next measure will be even more bizarre.

Say hello to the “Supercard”, the credit card that the Argentine government will force people to use while boycotting the ones already found on the market. Domestic Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno came up with this brilliant idea. Why let Mastercard or Visa keep 3% when you can force everyone to use “Supercard” that charges just 1%? Isnt it fantastic how these people chose what’s best for you? There’s the small matter of individuals actually having the freedom to use whatever kind of card they want, rather than being forced to use a shady credit card created by corrupt politicians and their associates. For now, Supermaket Association  Juan Vasco Martínez said “no one’s talking about banning anything… but” said Martinez smiling like a weasel “ lets say the dynamic created by the Supercard will end up excluding the others, because of the market…”. 

The Argentine Ripoff BS - English translation would be: The government got together with the main big name supermarkets and together planned to get rid of credit cards and force everyone into using their own lousy credit card called “Supercard”.
I cant wait to see what snake oil solution they’ll come up with next.



Anonymous said...

With all the prepper sites I have seen, and all the opinions that project how things will be in the future of the US, they exclude the examples/test cases that have already experienced an economic collapse. They come up with ideas that I know will not work because I have tried them, such as barter. They also come up with solutions that you have said will not work. I am certain they will not. I don't get it. I really value your experience and information. It isn't 1929 any longer. It isn't a good example. Neither is the Weimar Republic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe this real. Have you ever read the 'The Day the Dollar Died' online novella?


One of the salient features is a mandatory government issued credit card that everyone is required to use.

Maybe the Kirchners read the same book?

Don Williams said...

1) The rise of debit cards and electronic banking --especially when issued and controlled by the government -- is a malign trend.

It sets the basis for doing away with anonymous cash in the economy and allows the government to track your daily movements and actions by your daily purchases.

IN the future, It will let the security forces automatically detect when you deviate from your daily pattern as a herd animal.

2) It also lets the government cut you off from all the things needed to support life with a flip of the switch. With a few simple clicks on a menu, you can no longer buy gasoline for the car, groceries, use public transport, heat your home, keep electricity flowing to your home, get care from a doctor, etc. Your life savings --gone.

The essential government debit card becomes a choke collar -- a noose. A leash that will keep you under tight control.