Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lentils: Superfood to Stock Up!

Lentils are one of the most nutritious and easy to cook legumes you can find.
Their small, flat round seeds are easy to cook, requiring little water to rehydrate, and less fuel than larger beans to cook. These facts may seem unimportant, but they make a big difference when fuel and water become scarce resources.
Lentils are packed with nutrients. Its close to the caloric value of pasta, but it has  amino acids, iron, vitamin B and C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber and twice the amount of protein that pasta has.
Lentils taste good and can be fed to small children as one of their first foods. Lentils go well with pasta and rice, or as soups or stews. Its not hard to make a nice stew using some meat leftovers and some vegetables. Lentils can even be sprouted before eating for added vitamins.   


Jose Garcia said...

I love lentils for the reasons you mention: easy to cook and high on protein. I rotate 50 lbs. of lentils, 50 lbs. of rice, 50 lbs. of black beans, and 50 lbs. of pasta as my caloric base in the pantry in addition to 5 gallons of cooking oil.

One simple dish is to dump a cup of lentils over a bed of rice with some sautéed Swish Chard out of the garden on the side. Both nutritious and fillings and easy to cook. Up in your neck of the woods, you should be able to grow Swiss Chard and Kale even better than here in Texas. Flavor and nutrition wise Swiss Chard is very close to spinach, but the plant is prolific and pest free and it keeps on producing even when the weather hits 100F or 40 C. In cool weather there not stopping it.

Victor said...

Austerity lentils in Greece: