Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Wonderful Chinese Shovel

The Chinese Military Shovel ( WJQ-308 ) is an entrenching tool that aspires to become a multitool of some sort. I admit its kind of goofy looking, but after watching this video, I want one!

The Chinese promo video has that western movie soundtrack that somehow goes along well.  While it clearly performs poorly at some of the intended tasks, like can opening, it still looks versatile as a multitask tool. The Chinese military shovel is pretty expensive at 80 bucks, but you can already find some reviews and according to what I’ve been reading in forums it holds up well to honest use.  As always anything that folds is inherently weaker than the fixed version, but this E-tool does look interesting.
Chinese Military Shovel Emergency Tools WJQ-308 Ver 2012
If anyone has one I’d like to hear your experiences with it.


Anonymous said...

Concerns about build quality aside, I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they were forty bucks.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I don;t like about the shovel is the lack of a pick. I keep a US army style entrenching tool in all my vehicles in case I get stuck. Also gave one to my parents to keep in their car as well. Also as demonstrated in the video, an entrenching tool can come in handy as a weapon too.

FerFAL said...

Yes, 40 bucks is far more reasonable, I'd go as high as 50.

Blog Author said...

There is a whole fighting art of the entrenching tool. You can sharpen it, and possibilities abound. I think the Soviets invented or at least developed the idea, and Spetznatz trained/trains? a lot with it. This page here has diagrams and stuff http://kilogulf59.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sbw&action=display&thread=3873

Aspen said...

Hey Ferfal

Actually got one from China via ebay. The blade's weak and easily blunts, so you're having to pretty much sharpen it all the time. Put it this way, mine's got dents from shoveling some backyard rocks for the gazebo, and my $15 shovel from the local Bunnings held up better.

Unless you're into novelty and don't really care about the quality, I wouldn't pay so much. It's just a toy really.

Other buyers have made similar comments, hence the ebay seller I bought mine off no longer sells the shovels and last I checked their ebay registration's no longer active. Of course, doesn't mean they're not off selling it under another tag.

Aspen from Australia

Anonymous said...

Not bad - the nail pulling / wire twisting features have promise for a fencing tool I could use. I keep fence pliers for just this reason, but they get 'hijacked' occasionally, and when I need them, they are back at home.

I keep a CS shovel in my truck, but this one does seem more versatile. I also have a German military pattern folding shovel with a pick.

Anonymous said...

Since these are army issue, no doubt they are tough. But there's no way to know your buying the genuine article on ebay, probably just an inferior clone.

Since I assume they are fairly new, there aren't many surplus shovels around. We'll need to wait a few years.

Bella Stewart said...

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