Friday, August 9, 2013

Berkey Sport vs Stainless Steel Bottle

Dear Fernando,
I am from Singapore. Not sure you know about my
small little country which is far away from yours.
I’m new to this survivalist stuff as my country is very safe and does
not have natural disasters. It’s politically and economically stable, but I
guess nothing last forever and I cannot take it for granted.
I have seen your videos on youtube and read about your blog. I´m really
impressed and I´m interested in learning more from you.
I have seen your top 10 EDC items in your EDC bag videos.
I have a question. Which water bottle you think is a better choice, the Berkey Sport water bottle or the stainless steel water bottle you recommended?
Hope to hear from you soon.
thank you, regards

I’ve done some research on Singapore when looking into the best countries to relocate to for my new book. (a couple more weeks people!) It scores high on several surveys and it has been mentioned in various publications.
Its an interesting question and this is the logic I’ve used so far.
Water is a key item often overlooked. People will carry knives, flashlights, guns, but often enough few think water is important enough to bother with.
Its heavy, bulky, and its found everywhere with easy. A bottle of mineral water is just a few coins away in the nearest drugstore so why bother, right?
First, from a practical everyday point of view, you save money by having your own bottle. When you add up the bottle you buy pays for itself in a matter of weeks. It also helps the environment to stop creating unnecessary waste. In terms of emergencies, water is what you use to clean up your face after an accident/emergency,  clean up wounds, or drink if you happen to find yourself walking back home.  It will hardly last more than 24hs if you’re walking a lot, make that 12 during summer, but its FAR better than having no water at all.
For EDC, as you pointed out in my video about the top 10 EDC items, I go for a solid Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle. The thing is bomb proof which is always a plus, and if it ever comes down to it, you could boil water and cook in it.
Looking at it from a more practical side, if you live in an urban environment or move around one on somewhat regular basis there’s not much water to purify anyway. Its more of a “what you have on you is what you’ve got” situation.
On the other hand, for wilderness survival, evacuation scenarios or if you frequently travel along or work in the great outdoors, then a bottle like the Berkey Sport Bottle sure becomes a huge asset because it allows you to purify water from streams, rivers and ponds.
What I do is keep a steel bottle as part of by EDC bag, and include a Berkey Bottle for when going outdoors. I need the extra water anyway for a day hike and this setup gives me plenty of versatility. This way, I have a container that could be put on the fire and another one in which I can purify water on the go.

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smalls said...

If you buy a stainless bottle at a thrift store (I see dozens of them for one or two bucks a piece) it'll pay for itself in a day or two.