Monday, August 12, 2013

Pocket EDC: What I’m Carrying, What you shouldn’t be Without.

Hey folks, its been a while since I last wrote about EDC. Most of the time I’m doing videos about it instead, but its time for a written post. Check the video below as well if you do have the time for it.

As I hope you all know by know, too often what you have on you is all you’ll have during an emergency, and if you don’t get into the habit of having it with you at all times, chances are it wont be there either when its badly needed.  You have something with you 90% of the time, but the day you forget it, for some reason that’s the day you need it the most. It also happens to be the all this gear come in handy on day to day basis. If you trust me on this, give it a try and go 7 days a week on a basic EDC setup, I promise a month from now you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it before. 

Besides your wallet and cellphone for obvious reasons, I think you should never be without a good amount of emergency cash in your wallet, a knife, a LED flashlight, a multitool, a lighter or fire starter, and where legal to do so, a gun. These will allow you to deal much better with most emergencies you are likely to encounter and even some more serious ones. Wallet, phone, knife, multitool, LED light and lighter. There’s plenty of compact  alternatives of all of them so there’s no excuse. Don’t leave home without it!

Here’s what I’m having on me lately:

1)A bright yellow Quicksilver wallet.
3)EagleTac D25C, with lanyard and whistle cord end.
4)Boker Trance 42 folding knife.
5)Victorinox German Army Knife, military version of the Safari Trooper.
6)Wiley X Revolver shades.
8)Car keys with Vox Titanium Prybar and a generic button LED light.
9)House keys with Victorinox Minichamp, Fenix LD01 Light, Ironkey USBdrive, Pico prybar.

When I can (hiking, working, camping, around the house) I’ll leave being the small Boker 42 and include:


This is a fantastic setup that provides plenty quality, versatile tools.

As always, gear changes, sometimes there’s upgrades and improvements that cant and shouldn’t be ignored so when I find something better that’s truly worth it I’ll test it and maybe include it in my setup or upgrade to it. This is mostly the case of LED flashlight technology and of course smartphones, but other gear too. 

If you want to share your EDC, send a pic to my email (check right colum for email) or comment on what you're carrying or make suggestions, I'd love to read them!

Nothing is set on stone and being flexible, evolving is part of the modern survival mentality as well.
Take care people!



DougFromOz said...

Interesting how the Victorinox Minichamp has stuck with you all this time, whatever other EDC gear you add!

Don Williams said...

1) What about a Global Rescue


2) Or the phone number of a good lawyer? Plus a calling card that lets you make multiple calls from pay phones (instead of your cell phone.)

3) Or local map showing locations of nearest pay phones, police stations, hospitals and banks.

Don Williams said...

Also, can your Galaxy smartphone
read data from your USB drive? If not, then how about a device that lets it do so through the microSD port?


More commonly, there are also microSD to USB adapters that let your microSD card (in the Galaxy) be read on a laptop through a USB port.

Don Williams said...

1) Finally, you might have a sheet of paper containing random numbers that let you send a message to Mrs Ferfal (or receive one) in unbreakable One Time Key pad encryption .


No, do not store the random number list on the smartphone and Yes, do the encryption manually before typing the encrypted text into the phone's email.

Anonymous said...

Phonewise, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active seems like a good upgrade what with it being IP67-classed and all.

smalls said...

A few things that I find myself needing often enough that I'll probably start edc-ing:

-small prybar
-tiny prybar/ pick (eyeglass screwdriver)
-pliers (could be covered by multitool) & wire cutters (need less often)
-safety pin (dig out splinters and poke holes where holes need to be poked)
-pencil and paper
-small caliper or ruler. I made inch and cm marks on the edges of my library card, but it's not very precise
-small bag (breast milk bags are awesome, as you know)

I carry a bandanna, but only because that's what I use to tie back my long hair.
I'm pretty slow when it comes to upgrading flashlights. I'm still fond of my old Dorcy 1-watt, and I'll probably edc my Fenix E11 (thanks for the recommendation) for years to come.

Victor said...

A serious question: What kind of pockets do you have??

There is on way I could fit all this gear into a regular pair of pants. Do you wear a small backpack all the time, or what's the deal?


thedavemyster said...

Great video on EDC carry; thank you!