Monday, March 3, 2014

Special Forces Shovel in action in Ukraine!

I found this photo of the Ukraine riots. One of the protestors is attacking the police with an old special forces shovel, the one that inspired the one made by Cold Steel which is an exact copy, made of better steel.

I have one of these original Russian shovels, its a neat collectable piece. The one made by Cold Steel is very well made, solid little shovel for doing some limited digging, but also as a hatchet/hammer/pike axe and general smashing and prying tool!



Anonymous said...

I love those CS shovels. I've kept one in the back of my pickup cab for multiple use. Carjacker defense, hatchet substitute. Absolutely the best for shoveling sandbags by yourself, the small shape is perfect for the bag opening. Fast and quick.

I'm just about to Dremel the saw tooth modification for one of the edges, I've heard good things about that one. Also screwed on a heavy steel washer onto handle end for more impact resistance on handle end.

For the price, can't be beat. Thanks Fernando.

Kuffar said...

These are great shovels. I have two of them.

Don Williams said...

So where did those peaceful flower holding Ukrainian hippies pick up Kevlar helmets and heavy body armor?

hee hee