Thursday, March 13, 2014

Venezuela: People "marked" like Animals to get Food

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 You want food in Venezuela? Wait in line and get marked like an animal.

Food line in Venezuela San Cristobal
 Waiting in line for hours to buy Food

I have been following your videos and sharing them with the wife...you
prove my commonsense right and keep things real. Thank you. I saw this
today and thought...I wonder how this applies to what you faced in


Thanks for your email. Things aren’t that bad in Argentina yet but its looking more like Venezuela each year. If things don’t get better soon Argentina may see something similar. I did see shortages and rationing of certain products, just two liters of milk per family, or a limit of one packet of sugar or flour and one bottle of vegetable oil. You just don’t appreciate the plentitude of stuff available to you until you’re told “only one unit per customer, sir”.

These are all events we can all learn from. Never think “it will never happen here”, you just don’t know what life will throw your way next. Let this be an inspiration to buy that extra pallet of canned fruit or another bag of lentils or rice.
You just don’t find sugar, oil or flour in Venezuela. People have to wait in line for hours. When the sun go down the streets become deserted, even restaurants wont open. There’s plenty of videos in youtube showing this.
It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about a woman that killed her own sister over a dispute over a pack of food in Venezuela.

When these things happen, when people get desperate, you will see the worst of them.



Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the people or the leaders of a country punish those evil capitalists who like to sell food and other consumer goods.

Jose Gracia said...

Lessons learned from Venezuela and Ukraine:

1. Food equals freedom. These people are not free because they have to stand in line all day to get a meal or two and then go back to the line for the next meal.
2. Firearms equal freedom. Let Venezuela and Ukraine teach people and countries alike that they need to be well armed at least enough to make it too painful for an invading force to conquer them (think Afghanistan). The other day I saw a meme of a Venezuelan sniper looking through a scoped rifle. And of course, all the replies were of righteous indignation. In the end, however, a $300, 30-06 or .308 deer rifle in the hands of a decent hunter would level the field. If Venezuelans and Ukrainians were smart, they would negotiate an amendment to their constitutions restoring their right to have arms as a condition to have someone else occupy power.
3. The UN, EU, US, IMF, World Bank don’t do crap for anyone, so stop wasting time on FB and Twitter trying to stir world pity.
4. Lastly, you are the media’s lunch ticket. Don’t think for a minute they are a friend to your cause. Your blood and suffering are their driving force.