Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bugging Out and Relocation: Uruguay

 Punta del Este is very nice... and expensive.

Never having been to Uruguay ... Where would be your top five choices
to relocate family ? Reasons may vary ... but could you mention the
main reason for each of the five choices ?
Thank you for all your studies & shares !

Hello Ron,
Below is part of the Chapter on Uruguay from my new book “Bugging Out and Relocating”.
Uruguay is nice but it has two important disadvantages to keep in mind: 1)It is still South America. There’s still considerable crime, the infrastructure is still poor overall and even the most basic task that could get resolved over the phone in five minutes in USA or other developed nation may take waiting in line in some crowded office all day. 2)Uruguay is not as cheap as you would expect. Sure, some people there may live on 1000 USD a month or less, but then again those that live with that kind of money do so in poor homes, have no car and none of the luxuries you take for granted in USA. For middle or upper middle class quality of life, Uruguay will be more expensive than USA and most other developed nations.
Especially with a country like Uruguay, you want to be close to the capital . My advice would be to find a place within your budget close enough to Montevideo. In more developed countries cities can generally stand on their own. Not so in South America. In general, its in the capital where you get everything done, from running errands to finding somewhat reasonable prices.  
Excerpt from the chapter on Uruguay from  “Bugging Out and Relocation”:

Where to Live

Punta del Este is where the rich and famous gather in Uruguay. It’s as exclusive as it is expensive.
Montevideo is the capital city and would be a good choice for younger people looking to work and study in Uruguay. Pocitos and Punta Carretas are favored by expats. Carrasco and Punta Gorda are good options too. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Montevideo.
A bit further away from Montevideo but still close enough for when you need anything and also popular among expats, Atlántida and La Floresta are good, affordable alternatives. If you are looking for a nice summer resort town, consider Piriápolis.

Rocha, in the department of Maldonado, is a good choice for those looking for a smaller town and a quiet lifestyle close to the beach. It is a bit further away from Montevideo going north along the Atlantic coast, yet close enough for when you need to visit the capital. Colonia del Sacramento is another great little town. It is located to the west of Montevideo and it is closer to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ferry services to Buenos Aires city are available.

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