Sunday, August 17, 2014

Riots, looting, demonstrations, and State of Emergency in Ferguson Missouri


Regarding the recent riots, looting, demonstrations, and now State of
Emergency in Ferguson Missouri:
1. Do you think this is a sign of more to come in the USA over the
next few years?
to prepare for growing incidents like this in America? (or in my case,
Gray Lady!). I personally prefer not to own a gun and I would adopt
the Gray philosophy as my best day-to-day routine. Any other

         Hello Jo,

        1) Yes, no doubt about that. A more divided, more hateful and more unequal society. By unequal I don’t mean it in the way bees (or communists) mean equality, but unequal regarding rights. I’ll write a dedicated article about this topic soon.  It seems to me that the erosion of rights and liberties along with the militarization of police is abundantly clear and causes significant damage to a free society. It is hard to say how bad it may get, but the path heading in a clear direction.

        2)Yes, absolutely. A gun is what you end up using when everything else fails. Most of all, it’s what you end up using when you failed at avoiding dangerous places and dangerous people.  I still believe you should own a firearm for self-defense, but I do understand that some people may chose not to own one. At the very least, have pepper spray so as to level your odds some in a violent confrontation. If you wont carry a gun at least carry the most powerful spray you can get, Fox Labs.

Fox Labs 2 Ounce 2% OC 5.3-mm Flip Top Medium Cone Fog Pepper Spray

Improving your home security will be crucial in the next few years. I recently wrote about good alarm systems to install. There a reason why houses with alarms get an insurance discount: You are less likely to get robbed if you have one installed. Good locks, a solid door and an alarm will make you far less appealing as a potential target and criminals will usually go looking elsewhere.

Finally, on often ignored, the importance of keeping a low profile, and our mouths shut. House sales, car sales, big job bonus, inheritance, I learned from Argentina that mentioning an of these may end up getting you kidnapped or robbed at home. Be careful with what you say! Once it leaves your lips, you don’t know who may have eavesdropped or who may be telling other about your situation. Simply saying “please don’t tell anyone”, makes no difference, people just like to talk.



Anonymous said...

I would question your statement/belief that Americans are unequal in terms of their rights. It appears you are buying into the belief that blacks are simply innocently being shot by police. What is really going on here is the left wing meme that blacks are discriminated against or treated badly or are "poor" or whites hate blacks, etc. It simply isn't true. For a lot of reasons, some societal and some genetic blacks commit 10 times the number of crimes that Whites do and resort to violence when confronted by the police. This is NOT because of racism, unequal treatment or any of the more popular leftist beliefs. If you or anyone truely believes that these nieghborhoods are safe and it is the police that are the problem then I invite you to walk around in them in the late PM and early AM of Friday through Sunday. What is really going on is the race baiters/hustlers create the furor and pull the media in as willing accomplicies since this creates viewership for their news. Sadly if the local people of Ferguson choose to not riot the media and race baiters would goad them into it.

Anonymous said...

The difference in rights is when a blue wall of defense is raised around a police officer, whose name is hidden and is shrouded by compliance with department policies, privileges not extended to regular citizens, who still are judged by the laws in the books, not departmental memos.