Sunday, October 19, 2014

*NEW* Kershaw Lifter: Bargain EDC Knife at $18.99

Knives have always been our quintessential survival tools and little has changed in that regard since man first picked up a sharp piece of rock. Everything from repairs and rescue operations to self-defense, a knife allows you to perform an endless amount of tasks. No one argues the usefulness of a blade. While a fixed blade knife is always preferable, the reality is that its impractical to carry one in your pocket. The key to having a knife with you when you need it is to carry one every day and here is where folding knives enter the equation.

The Kershaw Lifter

In a market saturated with great choices, the Kershaw Lifter has some interesting attributes. The first thing to catch your attention is its price. Currently its 18.99 on Amazon, although that’s likely to change soon. You don’t find many good folding knives for that money. The second thing you notice once you hold it is how solid and well put together it feels. The design is very appealing, esthetically pleasing. The blackwash finish looks rugged and functional, in harmony with the 3.5” recurred tanto blade

In spite of the small size, the Lifter fits the hand well.
Price. Not many good knives for under $20
Design. The recurved edge is one of the most effective shapes for slicing and the tanto style tip should be robust enough for most utility and defensive uses.
Ergonomics. The handle feels comfortable, the flipper works as an effective finger guard. The handle provides plenty of real estate for medium/large hands in spite of the small size.
Esthetics. It’s an interesting, fine looking knife that looks more expensive than it actually is.
Speed. The Speedsafe system deploys fast and smoothly after a short break-in period.
Locking system. The framelock is well executed, and it includes an overtravell stop which is more often seen in much more expensive knives.
Mystery steel. I’m not expecting high end steels for $20 but I’d still like to know what steel I’m getting even if when heat treated correctly, an ordinary steel should perform well enough.
Clip. The clip is intended for right handed pocket carry only.
If you’re looking for a sub $20 folder, give this one some though and consider some of the other, more traditional offerings by Kershaw in the Blackwash line. Should make some very nice Christmas presents too if you’re doing some early shopping.



D. Anderson said...

It is likely a 410 series ateel at that price. But send me a sample, I am a professional metallurgist and I will tell you exactly what the steel is, and how it was processed.

Anonymous said...

Kershaw has a reputation for giving the buyer a good product for the money paid. That is a good price for an EDC knife, my Skyline is in the rotation and it is very handy indeed.

D. Anderson said...

I meant no disrespect to Kershaw, I like their knives. I am only curious about the steel they use. And that is an amazingly good price for an EDC! It is so inexpensive that it makes me worry that they cut corners in manufacturing. Maybe not though, and if they are able to keep up their excellent standards, then we all should be buying these knives. I guess I will just have to get one and check microstructure and chemistry to find out for myself. To be continued,