Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oops!... I made an extra 3.8 Billion Euro Profit.

That’s what the arms industry is singing thanks to France’s latest announcement.
President Francois Hollande said "France is facing big threats internally and externally," ... "Security, protection and independence are principles that are not negotiable." Paris had previously said it would keep its annual defence budget at the same level of 31.4 billion euros in its strategic review running from 2014 to 2019.
Given the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, the public opinion isn’t expected to complain much about it.
Isn’t it interesting? It seems that every time there’s a high-profile terrorist attack in a developed nation a bunch of guys end up making a ton of money.
France lifts defence budget to tackle multiple threats


Don Williams said...

Another interesting thing is that countries in the EU's southern coastal region -- Spain, southern Italy, Greece -- have unemployment rates above 20%.

And yet the ruling elites of the mighty EU --with a GDP of $17 Trillion and the NATO alliance with the USA -- somehow can't stop a massive horde of low-wage invaders from coming across from Libya and taking jobs.

OF course, those same ruling elites claim the right to draft every EU citizen and to send them into combat to die if Putin ever threatens the wealth of those elites -- or maybe even if he objects to foreign seizure of Caspian Sea oil and natural gas.

Of course, we in America are ourselves in no position to laugh at the screwing EU citizens are receiving. Anyone figure out yet who is on the hook to pay off that $18 Trillion debt?

Unknown said...

European Nations opted to withdraw from Northern Africa in the '60s. Now they are facing the consequences: Thousands of illigal immigrants enter Southern European Countries every day, some of them jihadists. Any increase in the defence budget is wellcomed, since these Weapons can be used against IS.
As for the "guys" making "euro profits", many of them are just unemployed workers.