Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best Pepper Spray? Sabre Red vs Inferno vs Fox Labs

Ferfal, do you think the red sabre brand is better than the pepper
spray that cold steel makes, called inferno?
Sabre Red, Cold Steel's Inferno and Fox Labs are the top three pepper spray manufacturers.
SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Professional Size with Flip Top, Belt Holster & 18' Range
Sabre Red is the better known brand. It has been around for many years and it is trusted by many law enforcement agencies. It is effective at neutralizing an opponent. Like any other OC spray, it may not work against people under the influence of drugs. The Gel configuration makes it less likely to be blown back towards the user and it sticks more to the attacker than liquid spray.
Fox Labs 2 Ounce 2% OC 5.3-mm Flip Top Stream Pepper Spray
Fox Labs is another well known pepper spray brand. According to people that have been sprayed with both Fox Labs and Sabre Red, Fox Labs burns the skin more, but that doesn’t mean it incapacitates more as both have similar blinding effects on attackers. The stream format has good reach but there’s a chance of wind blowing it back at you.

Cold Steel’s Inferno has a good reputation as well. It also contains black pepper, which causes a sneezing reaction, forcing more of the product into the airways. This is particularly nasty and Inferno is indeed pretty strong. The foam configuration can be particularly sensible to wind, although the jet is pretty strong and the product sticks well to the attacker.
Basically, its about what you like best. Sabre Red has a great reputation and I feel their standards are very high but any of the three brands is likely to be equally effective against an attacker.
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Anonymous said...

It seems that there are two types of pepper sprays. The first kind sprays a cone and has a reach of about 3m, the second kind sprays a narrow beam and has a reach of 6m. At least that's what I was offered when I went to a shop to buy some.

Which kind do you recommend to carry around in every day live?

Anonymous said...

Buy some Hornet spray at your local hardware or food store, then test the stream on a tree or rock (or a hornet nest). And if it gets down into body armour, it is ..ah.. very uncomfortable.

P. S. Caution: It is also flammable....

Unknown said...