Monday, May 4, 2015

EDC Knife: Kershaw Lifter vs ZT 0350 vs ZT 0566

I read with interest your recent report on the Kershaw Lifter, and as I own one, could not agree with you more about it's strength, versatility, and price -- especially price! I am no knife expert, but the good things about the Lifter are easy to see.
I thought, because I also have several other "Kershaw" knives, among them the ZT 0350 and the ZT 0566, that I would compare them in photos, thinking that it would perhaps be of interest.

I got to cogitating as I looked at the Lifter and the 0566 at how really similar they are. The Lifter is not as sleek, to be sure, as the 0566, but it is a very close comparison. It is also a bit heavier. I even began to wonder if Kershaw/ZT had not used the Lifter as a prototype for the 0566. I didn't contact Kershaw for an answer, so am just guessing. There are lots of similarities.

Anyway, I've included three photos with embedded text to highlight the differences, and threw in the ZT 0350 as another comparison, just for reference, along with a FN 9mm double stack magazine for sizing reference. (Everyone has one of those, don't they?)
For the price, as you say, the Lifter absolutely cannot be beat. (Though I have to admit that I carry the ZT 0350 with the Elmax blade. Just me. A knife nut. Wonderful blade!)
Thanks again for very the informative web site.
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Hi J,
That’s a nice comparison, thanks for sharing.
When it comes to the Kershaw Lifter its obvious that the big price saving was in the blade steel and country of manufacture (China). They also saved on the finishing job, you see more straight lines and harder angles compared to the somewhat similar ZT0566 geometry. No jimping on the blade and such, all those things are extra steps that cost money. Other than that, the design is outstanding and for the price it’s a very well put together folder.
Of course S30V and ELMAX are by far superior. The Lifter uses 3Cr13 steel for the blade, about the cheapest budget knife you can find, while the other two are some of the best performing super steels. Again, when it comes to top brands such as Zero Tolernace, if you have a knife that costs 20 bucks and another that goes for well over $100, there’s usually a reason for that.
Now, if you’re working with a 20USD budget or you want a knife you wont be feeling bad about if you snap the blade or (more likely) you end up losing it, then the Lifter is clearly one of the best choices.

Although I do like the ZT 0350, I find the blade too wide for my taste, not enough of a tip. Of all three the ZT0566 is the one I like the most. Outstanding ELMAX steel, Speedsafe assisted opening system, frame lock, great Hinderer ergonomics and blade geometry.
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Anonymous said...

since 2002, Kershaw knives have been a disappointment with me. rust, flakes,
and performance are substandard.