Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cristina Kirchner UN Speech on USA and Iran

Hi Fernando, Thank you for all you do. You’ve helped me several times. Thought you’d appreciate this link.
Thank you again, J

Hi J, thanks for the link. That’s interesting.There’s very few people in this world that I despise as much as this witch ( I usually use another word when talking about her, sounds similar but its less appropriate) but she pretty much nailed it from 18:20 to 25:00. This bloody game of arming and training your so called enemies has reached ridiculous proportions. The main stream media has to work extra hours if they expect the masses to keep believing BS of such titanic proportions.

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Anonymous said...

The constant flip flopping of sides in the middle east is both pointless and counter productive at the same time. If Libya has taught the work anything is that you need to manage expectation for other countries and not go creating quagmires behind you.