Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting a Dogo Argentino

profile of a muscular all white male dog standing on grass in front of trees. Very short coat. Reminiscent of a Bulldog.
Hello Fernando,
My husband and I read your book "Surviving The Economic Collapse."
You mentioned the Dogo Argentino and we tried to locate one in the states with little success. Can you recommend a way we can purchase a few of these?
Thank you very much!
Hi Jocelyn, thank you for buying my book. I hope you found it useful. ;-)
The Dogo Argentino is an amazing dog as I explain in The Modern Survival Manual. I believe that the main reason why its such a great dog is that it’s a recently created breed and it hasn’t been polluted yet (at least not much) by breeders who want a show dog rather than a working dog.
There are several people in USA selling Dogo Argentino. I cannot vouch for any of them but I do have some advice for you and others reading this considering buying this great dog.
  • Make sure you want a Dogo Argentino. It’s a pretty powerful animal and even though it is known for having a very stable temperament it is recommended to have some experience with big dogs and a firm hand.
  • Before buying, try adopting a Dogo Argentino from a shelter. Sometimes people get them and don’t know what they are getting into, maybe they get scared because they feel they got more than they bargained for. Most Dogo Argentinos that I’ve come across are very consistent in their temperament so adoption is safe and much cheaper than buying one.
  • There are some breeders that are mixing Dogos with bigger dogs such as Great Danes. They believe bigger is better, or more likely, they believe its good for business, accurately estimating that most of their clients also go for the bigger is better mentality. In the case of the Dogo Argentino the opposite is true. The original Dogo Argentino wasn’t that big, the parents should weight about 95 lbs for the male and 80 lbs for the female and the early Dogos would weight considerably less than that, therefore the smaller the Dogo Argentino, the more likely you have the real deal.
  • If youre buying a Dogo Argentino in America, try getting one from people that actually use it for hunting rather than show. That way you are more likely to get one that has the trait the creators of the breed were looking for.
Try looking here first, Dogo Argentino Rescue Network
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

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Anonymous said...

K. here,

Thoughthey often work together, there is also these folks: https://m.facebook.com/DogoRsq/?tsid=0.5501747645903379&source=typeahead

My wife and I got our half breed "Devil"(she's marked like a giant Tasmanian Devil, her mom was a papered Dogo named Phoenix and her dad was a brave and sneaky black lab). My best friend worked with this organization(rather an affiliate called Atlanta UnderDog Initiative[A.UD.I] for a while and has fostered several and adopted two Dogos through them. This has been several years ago now since all this transpired but in the past at least I would have definitely vouched for this group.

Our girl Devil was originally named "Dora" but I wasn't feeling it. Here's a bit more of the story.