Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hiding Money: What worked in Argentina?

Hiding Money: What worked in Argentina?
here's a link about old-school "banks".
of course, with metal detectors, ground-penetrating and thru-wall radar, hiding things within
your home is harder. what were the best options for Argentinians? what do you recommend?

Thanks for the link, very interesting information. Most of the common hiding places are mentioned there. Inside dry walls, under floors, inside furniture and doors.
I can tell you that I’ve seen it all in Argentina, people have hidden money and precious metals in all sorts of places.  The problem is that when your family is tortured you tend to give it all up, so keep that in mind. Hiding valuables is part of a larger security strategy, otherwise it can fail. As for home invasions when people aren’t home, again, I’ve seen it all. I know of houses that had been completely picked clean, including the toilets, faucets and other installations being removed and stolen. Another option is burring your money and gold, sealed air tight and buried in PVC tubes. If its paper cash alone then a metal detector wont find it. A word of caution though: Make sure you remember where you buried it and do tell some other family member about it in case you forget!

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My advice is to have two safes, one more visible, maybe your gun safe, and a smaller, fire and water proof one, very well hidden. This strategy is pretty solid and I know for a fact about people that suffered burglaries and the criminals failed to find the second safe.
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