Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Current EDC

So this is what I’ve been carrying lately. Truth be told the principle has been the same for me for many years, updating and upgrading as needed or when something worth it comes along.

Waterproof, dustproof, nice 2:1 screen, great camera and well placed fingerprint. Does everything an iphone does and then a lot more, for half the price.

Leatherman Charge tti
Mi number one tool, the one I’d never want to be left without. To be honest it can double as a pocket knife, but its just so convenient and so handy when SHTF, you gotta have one.

Well made, tough, excellent steel Emerson design with a self-deploy wave feature.

Klarus Mi7 titanium
New to me but liking it a lot. Bright AA that can run 14500 li-ions and go up to 700 lumens. It has moonlight mode too which is the one I use the most. Strobe, SOS, battery indicator, and one little trick, at least in mine AAA works as well. I went with titanium because it just looks better and I do use and carry my EDC daily. Titanium holds on and looks much better over the years.

Klarus Mini One titanium
Fancy keychain light. 120 lumens and can be recharged via micro USB.

Casio Protrek PRG250T
Solar, titanium, barometer, compass, altimeter, best watch I ever had and I’ll take it over smart watches that need daily or weekly charging any day of the week.

Wiley Valor

I’ve been using Wiley for many years and recently started using these. If you can, get the polarized version. They are worth the small price difference.

Zippo Crusade Victory
"Deus Vult!"


Anonymous said...


Might the Mi7 Ti be able to use a CR-123 battery or a AAA? Thanks.

FerFAL said...

Not CR123, but mine does run with AAA.