Thursday, February 8, 2018

South African Crime Documentary

I saw these videos on South African crime on Lauren Southerns YouTube
channel and remembered that you did some post about this very thing. I
placed a your link in her comment section and thought you may want to
see the documentary she is doing on South African crime. I have been
watching her content for a while now. She has good content and a good
head on her shoulders, like yourself. It is tragic that this is not
reported in international news more. Thanks for all your good work,

Thank P, those are worth watching.

It actually remind me of Argentina a lot. Driving by and seeing all houses with reinforced doors + bars on every single window and gates all over the place. Many have electrified fences as well. On poor neighbourhoods you see barb wire, broken bottles on the top of walls. Gated communities with heavy private security, neighbours hiring their own security, or in some cases organizing themselves.
These are the solutions people just try to come up with when the government fails and people have to fend for themselves. Out in the country its hardly better with people getting killed like we see in those clips.

I had the pleasure of meeting some young South African expats many years ago. They were young people like myself back then and they were simply fed up and looking to leave SA. They didn’t want to live their lives like that and I can fully understand that.
Finally, something interesting said in one of the videos, about your life being spent “indoors” when crime is that bad. Again, reminds me of Argentina. You rush from one house to another, or to a mall or gated community with security, always worrying about being safe.  You’re living in South Africa (or South America) but the time you spend doing outdoors stuff is seriously restricted by how dangerous it is.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Unknown said...

My cousin spent a little time in South Africa for business reasons one time, and he told me two stories from there.

The first one was on his first time arriving and riding with a guide. They pulled up to a stop sign and there was a guy walking towards the car acting like he was going to wash the windows, the guide pulled out his pistol and tapped it against the windshield. The guy then put his hands up and slowly backed away.

The other story is a story a colleague told him, he lived in SA in a place with razor wire fences and other fancy home security stuff. But two guys still broke in anyway, and the colleague told my cousin if he didn't shoot those guys, they would of brutally killed him and his family before taking what they wanted.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder what happened in the early 90's that changed the previous success story into a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago one of my friend was robbed in Cape Town, Waterfront.
He and his wife just left the hotel around 9 am, and walked toward the taxi what was arranged for them. They wore some budget jeans and some nothing special t-shirt, flimsy Casio wristwatch, towing their luggage, certainly they didn't look fancy, perhaps they gold weeding rings were the only really valuable on them.
An old black guy approached them pull out some small knife from his jacket and asked my friend for their money barely understandably. Even though he completely failed to recognize the threat in time finally he reacted calmly. He said loudly "All right my friend I'll give you the money, it is in my pocket" Than he pulled a handful of mixed rand bills and change out of his pocket and handed over to the robber with both hands. "Here is your money" he said. The robber also reached out for the money with his both hands, and it gave a moment to my friend to walk away and push his wife toward the taxi. Probably the old man was more or less satisfied with the plunder as he didn't demand for more, just walked away. My friend admitted that they were very very lucky, events could have been escalated easily.

Anonymous said...

The events in SA are certainly worth chronicling. My guess is we will need to rely on independent journalists as the MSM or corporate media is riddled with cultural Marxist so I expect whites being oppressed will be ignored. I hope people in the West take heed.