Friday, September 13, 2019

Relocation: Living near a military base?

Hi, Ferfal—
First, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience all these years. I've learned a tremendous amount from you, and it's literally changed my life.
I've just finished reading your book "Bugging Out and Relocating", which is excellent. As I was reading about U.S. states for relocation, I had a question: You recommend Nebraska, and mention specifically Bellevue and Papillion, two towns near Omaha. I grew up in a town just outside Omaha (not either of those), and as a child we were always told that having the Strategic Air Command (SAC) headquarters in Bellevue meant that we were a prime target for nuclear attack. Although SAC has been reorganized since then, I wonder if living near a military installation would be safer, or less safe? Is the proximity of a military base something people should consider when choosing a place for relocation?
Thank you for considering my question.
Sincerely yours,

Hello Bronco, thank you for your kind words.
About Nebraska I wrote:
“Nebraska ranks very well in important categories such as quality of life, cost of living and good economy. Papillion and Bellevue have low crime, affordable property prices, good healthcare and are just 15 minutes away from Omaha.”
The first thing to note is that if Omaha was a bad place to live in, Warren Buffett wouldn’t live there. :-)
I think that you have several advantages in the places I mentioned, especially the cost of living/quality of living and safety ratio.
As for the military bases, I know that some people don’t like the idea of being close them and worry about these being targeted during war. Let’s be honest though, how likely is such a thing to happen? How many bases are there across USA? As unlikely a nuclear war is, how likely is your specific base to be targeted, compared to larger coastal cities? But more important than all of this, how much of a concern and priority is nuclear war or US being invaded by a foreign force compared to all the other very real variables, far more probable scenarios or statistics and facts that are guaranteed to affect your quality of life every day?
Having a military base near has its pro and cons. I’d actually would be concerned more about the noise of jets flying by in the case of air bases and how much of a bother that may be. I usually get along well with military folks, usually I find the more like-minded than the average person.




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