Tuesday, September 24, 2019

When lack of Preparedness gets you Killed

When it comes to preparedness, I’ve always believed in having a practical, reality-based approach. Waiting for “the end of the world” when in reality we’ve seen all along that the world doesn’t end, it just goes through ups and downs, times change, things happen and those who adapt survive the best. 

For me modern survivalism is a lifestyle through which a person makes decisions that significantly increase the chances of overcoming various challenges in life, everything, from a house fire to large scale disasters, poor health, financial/family problems and a variety of potential emergencies and dangerous situations  people are likely to face throughout life.

It comes down to three key points:

1) Having the knowledge and understanding of the potential problems, disasters and emergencies you may find yourself involved in one day.

2) Having the gear and skills needed to face them.

3) Having the wisdom to make the right decisions when your life depends on it.

Here we have a perfect example of how this mindset can make the difference between life and death, death being the outcome in this occasion as the people involved failed on all three key points.

It happened  in Argentina where a Toyota Hilux got stuck during a snow storm in Aluminé, Neuquén.
Two men and one women were in the car. The two men, dressed with casual clothes, dressing shoes and sneakers, went out looking for help. They froze to death 13km from the car. The women was rescued 23 hs. later, cold but otherwise fine. The Hilux did not have the required chains, they did not have good or warm beverages or adequate clothing for the cold weather. Above all, they underestimated the dangers of such weather and overestimated their abilities regarding how far they could get.


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