Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mexico Massacre, 9 Dead Americans: 7 Things you should Always Remember

LeBaron Family Murders: U.S. Citizens Killed in Mexico - 360NG

Terrible massacre in Mexico, close to the US border.

A group of Mormons, members of the LeBaron, Miller, and Langford families, were ambushed resulting in 9 dead, 3 women, the rest of them young children. The three women were driving three vehicles when they got attacked. At least one of the vehicles is shown shot full of holes and completely burned. Some reports claim some of the children were burned alive in the vehicles and the women raped. Some 6 children managed to escape, some of them wounded.

This terrible incident should remind everyone of some VERY important lessons:

1) Don’t live in 3rd world hell holes. No offense, but if a country is controlled by drug cartels that’s exactly what it is.
2) You can’t win against overwhelming forces. You simply can’t. No matter how many guys with guns you have, they will eventually get you, or your family.
3) You can’t be on guard 24/7, 365 days a year, every year.
4) If your country TURNS into a 3rd world hell hole, then be honest about it and LEAVE.
5) You cant take back a bullet. Once your wife and children and dead, that can’t be undone.
6) Only in movies and childish fairy tales do a bunch of brave gun nuts living in a homestead beat thousands of cartel foot soldiers.Certainly dont plan on that working when SHTF. It does not.
7) Rambo Last Blood is not a documentary.

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What is your opinion of Uruguay and Panama? Are they safe countries?