Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny robbery/kinapping attempt in my neighborhood.

There was an incident last week involving a local celebrity, a comedian called Carlos Sanchez, that happens to live a few blocks away from my house.
Here’s the link (sorry, just Spanish)

According to what he said, he was in his house when suddenly his wife ran inside screaming “They took Micaela! They took Micaela!”
Carlos runs outside, sees two men in a motorcycle, and rushed to them, knocking one of the down with a punch.
The bad guy points a revolver at him and pulls the trigger of his revolver but the gun does not fire.
He punches the other guy too, and kicks the bike where he’s still on so as to drop him and prevent him from escaping. This guy also brings a gun (9mm Hi Power) out from a bag a pulls the trigger but again, it does not fire.
Now, the first bad guy runs away and the comedian daughter’s shows up, she had escaped and called the neighbors.
When the comedian see’s the daughter is safe he calms down a bit and the bad guy he had pinned down manages to escape in the opposite direction from the first one.
Now listen to this, this last bad guy stops, turns around, removes the magazine from his Hi Power, checks to see if it’s loaded and inserts it again, racks the slide and decides to get some revenge and shoot the comedian. He takes aim, and pulls the trigger on the luckiest comedian on Earth.
Pulls the trigger again and the magazine drops to the floor: He didn’t push the magazine back in hard enough so when he racked the slide, a round was not chambered.
Yes, some people just have all the luck.
By then the neighbors start throwing stones at this last guy, a neighbor that is just returning from work starts making noise with the car.
The last bad guy just runs away, leaving behind a Hi Power 9mm magazine with 9 rounds inside.
The revolver? Since the auto was loaded I dare guess the revolver was too, but the bad guys probably bought the revolver in the black market but never cared to see if it actually worked.

The funny part, well I suppose you had to see the TV interview..:D

The guy IS a good comedian and in spite of the terrible circumstances he added a few bits here and there that made things sound rather funny.
According to what he said on TV (he’s a shooter) , one gun was the Hi Power ( later verified by the mag left behind) and the revolver was a small caliber gun, probably a 22LR cheapo revolver. He also said these guys didn’t not look proficient in the handling of their weapons.

What we can learn from this:
*Be extra careful when going in and out of your home.
*Revolvers fail/brake too.
*You need to be proficient with your gun, specially autos
*Unless you are the luckiest comedian in the galaxy, going unarmed against two armed guys is a terribly bad idea.
If he had a gun, he could have popped these two scumbags right there, and avoid getting “dry fired” 3 times.



Anonymous said...

...and I hope he went to church the following Sunday!! (I think his guardian angel was working over-time!!)


Bill in NC said...

No kidding.

I'm not Catholic, but if there were ever a time to light a candle it would be after that experience.

Unknown said...

What it says to me is Argentina is a festering shit hole. However, I think whoever did this to argentina was just practicing for how to do it in the US, so about the time it gets that way here I'll move to Argentina.

I'll learn to say words like "cociginchi", and "chevere".

Anonymous said...

So, I'm curious, what sort of automobile would be a good choice for one living in Argentina? I don't know, but I'm a bit of a car nut, and the movies and TV stuff I've seen out of your country make it look as if the city folk in Argentina prefer VW Golf-sized European hatchbacks from Renault, Citroen, Fiat, etc. but it would appear that the early-1960s bodystyle Ford Falcons and Ford F-Series pickup trucks dominate the countryside, except for places where folks from the U.S. go to shoot large numbers of doves and ducks, where it seems like the transport consists exclusively of crew-cab 4x4 Japanese pickup trucks. Just curious.

Also, you can still buy ammunition, correct? I assume it's somewhat hard to get and more expensive than here in the 'States. Indeed, ammo prices have risen a great deal in the past few years here-cheap promotional packs of .22 LR ammo used to run around $10 per 550-cartridge package, and I think I paid over $14 with tax for one of those boxes of 550 the other day at Wal-Mart.

I love your blog, by the way, you have lots of interesting and thought-provoking information.


Anonymous said...


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