Sunday, November 23, 2008

Defensive choke Moves

UFC has some nice things going on but I don’t think you'll fight naked guys a lot ( no dude, I don’t even want to hear it !!:sptng)
Anyway, bare chest attackers aren’t that common, more than likely there going to be clothes, and you can use those to your advantage in a real fight.

Actually, it can be a VERY cool key advantage if you know how to use it, killing your attacker in seconds by cutting the blood flow to the brain.

But in the real world, expect punches to the head, desperate attempts to sink the fingers into your eyeballs as well. You want to this move, but also close your eyes tight and press your face against your crossed arms to keep his fingers off your eyes and mouth. Just hold on, take the beating like a man ( or woman) for a few seconds while the choke does its magic. It will soon be over… for him. :)

Keep in mind I’m talking about unarmed attackers. If a knife is involved you don’t want to be this close unless you disarmed your attacker first ( other set of moves).
Also, we are not the only ones that carry folders. Keep an eye on any hand movement to the waist or pockets and neutralize any movement towards them by hooking your arm under the armpit during the choke, or doing it under both arms and locking the fingers together on the back of the neck.( Careful with any kind of pressure in the spine!)
This gets a bit more complicated and requires more upper body strength, but the basic chokes still work well on unarmed attackers.

For the ladies, think about the typical rapist stance (bad guy on top)

You can practice these with a friend to get it right .
CAREFUL!! this is dangerous stuff, make sure your partner isn’t an idiot and understands the risks. Blood flow stops immediately, let go as soon as the partner taps.

This choke is VERY effective. Use it knowing the risks involved. Let go of your partner right away or you can do a lot of damage.

Triangle Choke. A bit more dexterity required, but very effective.



Anonymous said...

hi Ferfal,

Thanks a lot for the info... throwing some ideas so mb you will write about that in the future... in the near future a hope.

I was wondering if you can make a post on what items would you buy by priority... a sort of FAQ. If you could go back in time, what would you bought? (toilet paper, generator, gold/silver, batteries, etc.)

Also, do you think this time is different? A general breakdown crisis is far different from a depression for example. in a depression, you might want to stay in the city because theres some sort of order but maybe its better to get out during a general breakdown crisis (when all fall). Again for example, during the 40s in Germany, the best was just to gtfo... Germany was nothing compared to a general breakdown crisis... this time it would be worldwide... so flying into another city in another country would not be an good option.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal and his wife both earn money and it seems to be quite a lot by argentinian standards in pretty secure jobs.

This is very very different from people who get laid off.
If you buy gold and get laid off, will you buy food with your gold until it is gone?

People need to realise that they need steady income.

YOU NEED STEADY INCOME. Like Ferfal and his wife.

If you have a steady income, surviving gets really really simple. It is still a challenge, but Ferfal can obtain pretty much everything he needs, body armor, gold, food, water, replacement parts for his car.

The most important in a financial crisis is steady income. If you have steady income, you will always find someone willing to give you water or bread.

Anonymous said...


Just mho, but it's important to emphasize that martial arts techniques are really only useful if they're practiced regularly. In the first videos shown, if you didn't secure your grip on the hand anchoring the choke, you could end up in a badly compromised position. Say, for instance, if you grabbed a tee-shirt and it tore away when you applied pressure.

I used to practice various arts and worked out with instructors and sparring mates on a weekly basis. That was over 10 years ago and I doubt that I would even attempt an advanced technique in a confrontation today.

Instead, I would follow the dictum that the first objective of unarmed combat is to find a weapon. Only fight with your hands when you have no other option. Pick up a rock, a hard-cover book, a laptop computer, really anything that is hard, heavy or pointy will do, and use it to strike your opponent's most vulnerable areas. Once he is down, run away to avoid further conflict and to secure a better weapon.

This is just my take on things as an older man who's not as fit as I once was.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the utility of the first two chokes. However the other scenarios would best be resolved by blows. Trying to put someone in a fancy hold will just get your face kicked by the guy's friend.

Anonymous said...

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to stay in shape, as well as learn self defense. Most of these moves, were taught to me in such studies. I am in my 50's and still work out with the teenagers, as the ability to relax while fighting is one of the skills that must be learned. One never masters BJJ, only improves ones skills. It is of course, just one form of physical combat, but can certainly be of use in time of need.

FerFAL said...

Good comments, thanks.
The idea is to be a complete fighter.

If you never got punches in the face, the first time you do the tears wont allow you to see long enough for your attacker to beat the living crap out of you.
If you never practiced locks, one day you may find yourself with a guy choking you to death or pulling your arm out of the socket in a fight.

Locks, chokes, kicks, punches, as well as fighting with knives and blunt objects along with guns, one should combine all if you want to become a complete fighter.
Of course, I love this, I love fighting, and others may not feel the same way.
But even so, I feel its much better to take a few classes and learn a bit of everything, with a main focus on firearms training ( best weapon a person can carry) than to just learn to shoot and expect the weapon to act like some magical wand.
It wont.

If you can’t fight I guarantee you, a person that does ( even one that isn’t very good at it) will beat you when the fight occurs at contact distance.

Of course not everyone can do all of this. Age, disabilities work against you.
But then at least know and accept this as shortcoming, and try to work around it as best as you can with more tools in your bag of tricks, both physic tools and knowledge.

I’ve got a friend that due to a neck injury, cant practice any of this. But he keeps a short pointy fixed blade handy, one I’m sure he could put to good use if ever surprised by a good grappler that can outperform him in honest hand to hand fighting.

But lets not be lazy, unless there’s a good reason such as an injury or advanced age, you SHOULD develop good hand to hand combat, even if you keep a fighting blade handy at all times.


Anonymous said...

I know this comment does not have anything to do with defensive choke moves, but I was wondering your thought on the infrastructure plan just announced by your president Cristina Kirchner?
President Cristina Kirchner on Tuesday unveiled a massive public spending plan to pump more than 21 billion dollars into Argentina's infrastructure and counter effects of the global cash crunch.
Would like to see a blog on that.