Friday, November 14, 2008


ive been thinking about this for a while, and maybe worrying more about being low-key is a smarter move than worrying about being armed to the teeth with smg's.

Having weapons is important but going unnoticed is a terrific advantage.
Some people in survival think they’ll be allowed to dress up like a soldier once SHTF, problem is that version of SHTF may never come. And another more likely version probably will, one were you will not be allowed to walk ½ a block with a vest covered with mag pouches.

Rather the contrary, it will probably be a world where police are more trigger happy about weird looking people, were gun laws are more strict, and where ( even in spite of al these restrictions) crime reaches levels you’ve never seen before and you never felt the need to be armed so much in your entire life. That’s what happened to me at least.

You know how little things stick I your mind?
I remember driving my brother back from Ezeiza, through a couple roads, Camino de Cintura and Camino Negro, a good example of what our country has become.
By the time we got home my brother told me “ Dude, I need gun”
He said it in such a matter of fact way, I was surprised.

i read an article in a home fashion magazine today (decor?) about buenos aires, it had a lot of good to say and only mentioned the 2001 crash twice, stating it was good for tourists because everything was cheaper, and that it gave argentina a sense of authenticity in that they no longer imported a lot of the stuff they were accustomed to.


Regarding fashion, Bs As is an important city in South America.
Women are trully beautiful, middle class people (and up) care a lot about their looks.
Specially for women, things are very competitive. The more good looking women, the more they feel they have to look their best.
That, and a sense of style the city still has in some parts, makes for an interesting combination.

Everything is cheaper but getting more expensive each day. It’s not that much of a bargain any more. It’s still good for tourists with USD and EU, but not as much as it used to.
Mostly good restaurants, wine and entertainment ( of all kinds, unfortunately)
But it depends on what you want. Anything electronic or a bit more elaborated or imported costs a lot of money.
A roll of M3 ductape ( small one, 10 yards ) costs 5 dollars. :p

It does give us a sense of authenticity, but it also puts us like 20 years behind.
Think about everything imported you are used to and imagine either going without that or having to pay ( at the very least) 3 to 5 times more for it, IF they even bother importing. Most things are so expensive, importers don’t find it profitable.

of course, its a FASHION magazine.. they did say though that the government there was planning on removing some 40,000 billboards as visual pollution.

They promise a lot of things but believe me they never do 1/100 of what they promise.
They took a loan of 332 million dollars to clean the terribly polluted Riachuelo river.
Money is now gone, money loaned to the government and the taxpayers now owe it, and the river was never cleaned at all.

Wondering if you could enlighten us on employment trends in Argentina.

Here in the US the health care industry seems pretty solid.

Would really like to hear your thoughts on careers?

Thanks and please keep up the great work!

Doctors still get paid well, make a lot of money in private practice, as well as dentist. Nurses aren’t that safe but they get by.

There’s job for accountants, business managers and the other more common professions, but the catch is, unemployment is very high. The official INDEC strategy is to just lie about it, they consider it better to lie aobut the numbers than to tell the truth .
We don’t know how high but at least 15% or so these days, according to non official agencies, those that arent in their pay roll.

What you want to do is not so much rely on a certain carrier, but be either very good at it so that you can win interviews, change jobs until you find a firm that pays well or seriously consider working freelance or starting your own business.

Only way to avoid getting exploited, working like crazy for very little money.



Anonymous said...

Happy to hear your observations and intuitions. ****I agree that people will want to look very "normal" if they were armed. ***Also, I think the fashion magazine is right. I found the most fabulous purse shop in BsAs (Peter Kent)a few years ago..in the more fashionable area of BsAs. I wish I had bought another purse in black...it's so beautifully made that I wish I could go to get another...your cows become very fine leather. (I doubt I could send money and expect to get them to actually send me a purse in black... and I imagine you would agree. Someday, I'll go back to BsAs because it is sad and fabulous at the same time. Too bad you are not a leather exporter, ferfal.) Tinette

Gypsy Pete said...

You do a great job. I grew up in a 3rd world country but have gotten soft in 1st world countries. I was wondering if there are other writers like you who present the situation as realistic as you do? Maybe guys in South Africa for example?

Anonymous said...

hey FerFAL,delete this if you want...





Anonymous said...


I'm new here and can't tell you how valuable your life experieces are, and thanks for sharing them with us. You really need to sit down and put all your blogs in a book. Have a feeling, with all the crap going on,it would end up on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Was wondering what happen to the mortgages in Argentina after December '01. Did the payments stay the same, or did the government/bank index the loan payments to catch up with inflation?

RW in GA

Anonymous said...

Aunque es una desgracia lo que ha ocurido en Argentina, es muy importante que nosotros en los EEUU nos preparemos.

Those who say "It cant happen here" have learned nothing from history.

Anonymous said...

Hey FerFal!

I lived in Korea during the 1997 crisis, while I was there the currency devalued 70%. However, there was no increase in crime, crime remaining and remains much less than in the States. The biggest difference I can see between pre-1997 and post-1997 is a feeling of "malaise", that has yet to go away.
Please post some more photos, especially of B.A. women, and let us judge if you exaggerate their beauty!