Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Glock 17 gen4

Hi guys, this is my review on the Glock 17 gen 4.

Not many changes, but most of the ones made are indeed an improvement. The improvements are:
1) New and improved recoil spring.
2) Smaller grip size with a different texture and two extra adapters.
3) Less reflective Tennifer finish
4) Larger magazine catch that can be placed either right or left (gen 4 mags)
5) Front sight that is actually screwed into place (still plastic though)

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Anonymous said...

There have been TONS of problems with the Gen 4 9mm Glocks among reputable trainers like Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn, not to mention all of the issues police departments have had.

It seems to be related to the extractor, ejector, and possibly even the new spring system that was really designed more for the 40.

I am sticking with a gen 3 Glock 19 for the time being.

FerFAL said...

I've shot a bit over a 1000 rounds of Magtech ammo through this one in the last couple weeks. Not one problem.
Maybe a problem in the earlier models?

Anonymous said...

Do you see many Springfield XD's in Argentina? They are making headway in the US into Glock market share - I think because of the grip safety, loaded chamber indicator, and cocking indicator. While Glock is and will remain the gold standard, as long as mags and parts are available I like this variant a little better than the Glock, and own both Springfield XD's and Glocks. I've only heard good reviews on XD reliability and have never had a jam. Any negative feedback in the blogosphere?

FerFAL said...

Hi, no, not much XDs in Argentina. The Glock is clearly king among those that can afford it and its what all serious instructors that I know actually use. Last week I was at a gunstore with another friend, the gundealer was telling us that Glocks are crap, that he's seen severla go kabom, that the XD is a much improved pistol. Both of us shoot our Glocks a fair deal and we haven't seen this guy on the range at all. We did manage not to laugh in the guys face and hold it until we left. I'm sure the XD is a good gun, parts and accesories just arent nearly as available here as with the Glock, and its still the standard by which other pistols are measured. And something I ask myself, why go with an "improved" copy of the Glock, when I can get the original thing?

Anonymous said...

I could only buy a pre-1998 Glock here in MA;complicated gun laws. The G30 seems to have some holster wear but no functional problems, tho I bot replacement parts for extractor, springs, etc.,just in case. No failures at the range. By serial # it is a gen 2.5 G30. The only thing I miss is the loaded chamber indicator, which came in a few years later.

You probably can't go wrong if old G's are all you can get but
the price here was more than a new one, tho it did come with nite sights.


Anonymous said...

This is one example of what I am talking about. If you notice after a point it seemed the reliability issues were generally fixed, but only after trying out a couple different replacement extractors.