Friday, July 1, 2011

Survival Kits

Hi guys, this is going to be a series of videos showing different survival kits. Some are better set up than others, some are more urban or wilderness oriented, but its all food for thought.

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Hsu said...

Why no bandaids? I noticed items like alcohol swipes and antibiotics, so I had expected to see a few bandaids or other small first aid supplies.

slidelock said...

I'm no expert on US gunlaws, but I believe that if the pistol was originally manufactured in that configuration, it may be legal

Anonymous said...

That pistol is perfect for many things, the nearest in the USA is the TAURUS Judge series, the one shown would come under NFA Rules unless the barrels were rifled.

Anonymous said...

The legal US equivalent to FerFAL's shotgun pistol would be the Taurus Judge and similar knockoffs/clones. The way they get around the US regulations forbidding the manufacture of smoothbore shotgun pistols is by making them with a rifled barrel in .45 Long Colt. Then you have a perfectly legal revolver in .45 LC (in the case of the Taurus Judge) which just so happens to chamber .410 bore shotshells as well. Provided you don't use steel shot in the rifled barrel, it works just fine (anything harder than lead will damage the rifling).

I wouldn't own one for anything more than a fun gun, however. I just don't see that many instances where something of that sort would be useful.

Anonymous said...

My basic 'kit' would be a 4-5" fixed blade knife, ferro rod, a 32oz. stainless steel water bottle, 30' of cordage, and a wool blanket. In a minimalist kit, I would take the knife and ferro rod. a