Saturday, August 20, 2011

Criminals Targeting Gold in USA

Hola Fernando – This is a great article on current robberies related
to gold. Police are advising people “not to wear gold jewelry” b/k of
the high rate of muggings.

Soaring gold prices trigger jewelry

robberies, police warnings

As the precious metal has nearly doubled in value from two years ago, gold merchants have boosted security amid a series of brazen store robberies. Police are urging owners of gold jewelry to be discreet about wearing it.

Jewelry store security

(read rest… http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-gold-thefts-20110819,0,654116.story  )

Remember what I wrote a few years ago about women here no longer bothering buying gold jewelry, even small pendants, rings and chains because they can’t wear them anyway, because criminals especially target them? Remember that article I wrote about robbing a jewelry store in Buenos Aires being more profitable in average than robbing a bank?
This is also happening in some parts of USA as well. If its not happening in your area (yet) it may still be a problem sooner rather than later given current world events.
Ten years ago I told people about the “I buy gold” places that sprouted all over the country overnight after the collapse. This too has become a common sight in many US cities.
We’re past police warning people about wearing gold jewelry as the article says, but more similarities and parallelisms keep coming up, things you only used to see in 3rd world countries. Some people that consider themselves survivalists, they believed they would never live to see this sort of thing happen in USA, that the country would collapse entirely before this sort of thing occurred, people going up in arms and taking the country back from the tyrants.
But it didn’t happen that way. It’s still the same country folks, only a bit worse than it used to be, and the slow sliding towards worse standards of living, more poverty and social degradation continues.
The obvious advice here is to be careful about wearing gold jewelry, especially in populated areas where they can be easily robbed off your neck by snatching it and running (hurting you in the process, happens a lot) .
On the good side, there’s something we’ve seen here and is a new market for silver jewelry. Even women that could afford gold jewelry ended up buying silver designs instead because of the risk involved. Why buy something you can’t wear? A handful of business did well for themselves by offering trendy and appealing designs in silver. Not only were they fashionable and more affordable, you could also wear them for a change.
Just another possible business idea to consider.

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