Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Out of Control Rioting in London

If you visit the Modern Survivalist Forum you probably know of my plans to move to UK. The US Visa is just impossible to get for someone self-employed, I’ve tried for years literally and will keep on looking for a way, but in the meantime I want to be in a better place than Argentina, so I’m thinking Northern Ireland.

I was talking with my mother last week about this and she kept mentioning the conflict over there between Catholics and Protestants. It seems that while it is still an issue its not nearly as bad as it was during “The Troubles” and such animosity is currently limited to certain   neighborhoods. Heck, for someone coming from Argentina event those are surprisingly nice and clean, and their crime is nothing compared to what I’m used to here. She went on mentioning that England would be better, close to London. I remember telling her that while no place is 100% safe, if I had to play the odds I’d bet on Northern Ireland instead. These are folks that still remember what bad times are like and want to get over it and the smaller population means less trouble while still offering the advantages of a big city. Meanwhile London is a mix of different immigrants with considerable social tension among the various ethnic and religious factions. Combined with an entitlement mentality plus a lack of nerve to handle social unrest as you’re supposed to, where even the use of less than lethal ammo and water guns(!) is forbidden, you can expect to see considerable trouble there eventually. As our kids grow they would see themselves surrounded by all this, and even if you live in the suburbs of London or even a smaller town some distance away, the influence is still there. Belfast with its 300.000 population and its smaller metropolitan area seems more fitting for what we want. Affordable homes, good education and what’s like a dream for us, going for a walk or riding a bike without worrying of our surroundings, that’s all appealing to us.

By pure coincidence just a week later rioting started in London and it is still ongoing. Remember guys, we’ve talked about this numerous times: No city has enough police force to control this sort of thing when it starts and becomes wide spread, and it’s pathetic to see unarmed cops trying to stop looters, arsonists and other criminals with what? Offensive language?
This quote from CNN illustrates how clueless people are regarding how to deal with this sort of problem.
Last year, after student protests turned violent, there were similar calls for the use of water cannons. But Home Secretary Theresa May said then: “I don’t think anybody wants to see water cannon used on the streets of Britain because we have a different attitude to the culture of policing here. We police by consent and it depends on that trust between the police and the public.”
London rioting prompts calls for Tougher Policing

Rioting and mobs have been discussed here before several times. They are not that much of a problem for the aware person if you know how to handle and mostly avoid them, again , something I’ve written about before, but these events are an indication of social degradation, increasing crime and loss of life quality. Eventually when these incidents occur on a smaller scale but almost on daily basis like we see in 3rd world countries, then that’s exactly what your country has turned into.

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Anonymous said...

Too many years ago I had a political science professor who was a banker come to class as an adjunct. He was the only good professor, the rest were all shills. In any case I'll never forget his words, "You get what you ask for".

Well, you asked for this, London (and the US). Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Fernando, in Northern Ireland, can you keep a rifle for self defense? How about a pistol?

Sorry about the U.S. and a visa.

Hey, just slip across the border like millions do annually!

Pitt said...

This is what America can look forward to.

Anonymous said...

USA or Canada,,but Canada has gun issues,as in most countries,except for USA,for now.

(When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms with me.
I said, 'Well,,, what do you need?)

1st1shot said...

Wow, I cannot imagine moving to a country that does not respect my god given right to self-defense (including firearms). Good luck my friend.

FerFAL said...

In NI you can keep shotguns, certain, rifles and pistols in some cases. Not easy but possible.

Totalinvestor said...

FerFAL why not consider Canada? It has a much more stable economy, it's easier to immigrate to, smaller population, lots of space, and you can own firearms-shotguns, rifles, and handguns (no concealed carry). Plenty of small towns outside of major cities that have reasonable real estate prices.

Trey said...

Well, I'm mad. America needs folks like you.

Anyone I can talk to, bribe, or threaten to help get you here?

Trey ~

FerFAL said...

jejeje Thanks Tray for the offer :-)

FerFAL said...

Totalinvestor, Canada has visa for self employed peoepl but it can take years and even then get rejected.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fernando,

What about the Republic of Ireland? Many nice smaller cities.

SurvivalAndProsperity.com said...

FerFAL, have you considered inquiring about employment as an urban survival consultant/instructor with a U.S. company like onPoint Tactical LLC or its equivalent? While the immigration laws have changed since I was handling such issues as a U.S. Senate aide, due to your specialized knowledge/skills obtained from your experiences in Argentina and exemplified through your written works and various interviews, I believe a U.S. employer might be able to file an H-1B work visa application for you (3 years in U.S., with potential extension to 6 years) and, in turn, an H4 visa application would need to be filed/approved to bring the family along. It might be worth looking into if you haven't done so already. Your presence is desperately needed here in the United States!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there's no one reading this blog that can sponsor FerFAL coming to the US on some sort of visa.

The work situation is weak but it can't be Argentina bad. Good luck in NI.

Michael said...

Couldn't we have a bunch of people get together and pitch in as sponsors? Or does it just have to be one person? Unfortunately I'm living in an Air Force dormitory right now and I can't do much on my own.

Anonymous said...


Can you get a group of people to sponsor you? What if we started a group, formal membership, got some kind of bond?

Any immigration lawyers reading this?


yankee_dollar said...

Ferfal, why not just come to the US illegally like millions of others? The democrats will shower you with goodies and in some cases you can even vote. Just don't mention that you believe in self reliance or self-defense.

I'm halfway serious when I say this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get someone in the US to adopt you...

Anonymous said...

Have you considered Wales? It's not England, there was no rioting in Wales. There are no religious troubles here and if you chose North Wales it's only a short ferry ride to Dublin.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

What about Australia? There is an Argentinian/South American community here. We are multicultural but stable compared to other countries. We have strict gun laws but it is possible to belong to a 'rifle club' and have some guns if you have a farm. It was the people themselves who chose to have more gun restrictions. Our economy is pretty good, our social services still good and Australians are friendly.

hsu said...

About sponsoring Ferfal...

You guys have never dealt with issue before, I see. Let me tell you what is required for USA immigration.

1. You need to start a profitable business. Did I mention profitable? Because this process takes *years* and if your business goes under during that time, Ferfal will have to start all over, from the beginning. It sucks for immigrants, because they are stuck at that exact same job for years - they can get a pay raise, but not a promotion, and they cannot quit. You heard right, a promotion/quitting changes their green card status, forcing them to reapply.

2. Your compnay needs to make enough revenue to cover Ferfal's salary. He *cannot* work at a second job, or he forfeits his visa, so your business must make enough revenue to completely cover his living expenses. And if he brings over the wife and kids, their living expenses.

3. At this point, Ferfal can finally apply for the "H1B visa lottery". Approximately twice as many people apply for H1B visas than the government gives out in a given year. If you lose the lottery, you're screwed; the typical response to losing the lottery is to go back to school for another degree.

4. If Ferfal gets the visa, then he can hire a lawyer and apply for the green card. This typically costs $10k-$15k.

In a best case scenario, this whole process takes 4 years for someone with a MD/PHD/master's degree, 6 years for someone with a bachelor's degree.

C H Ingoldby said...

Ferfal, by coincidence, I was in Northern Ireland whent he riots were happening in England.

I can tell you that it is peaceful and calm. The animosty between Catholics and Protestants is greatly reduced and there has been a major shift in attitudes on both sides against the 'bad old days' of violence. Even including the actions of a few very fringe groups, the level of violence and crime is much lower than the rest of Britain.

In addition, any outsiders are automatically considered to have nothing to do with any of the rivalries there. You'd basically have to try really hard to put yourself in harms way.

Rather paradoxically, Northern Ireland has become a peaceful and secure place to retreat to. As well as having relatively lower property prices and beautiful countryside, hills and coastline.

C H Ingoldby said...

Just another point that you may find interesting.

Recently a number of Polish people have migrated to Northern Ireland. Despite being Roman Catholic they are viewed in a friendly manner by both the Protestants as well as the Roman Catholics of Northern Ireland.

Basically, there is no rivalry with people on the basis of religion if they are not actually from Northern Ireland. A local Roman Catholic and a local Protestant might view each other with some caution but both will be most open and friendly with an outsider of any religion as the outsider is not considered to be part of the local rivalries.