Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Thoughts, predictions and other reflections.

So 2012 started and seems that the Mayans weren’t right. Montezuma didn’t fly by throwing fireballs at people, the world didn’t end, yet again. How many years have gone by since the doom and gloomers have predicted crunches, cracks, ends of worlds and end of rule of law? Give me a second folks, nope, amazing but the golden  horde isn’t here yet and the mutant zombie bikers haven’t showed up. As we like saying here the world wont end, it just gets a bit more complicated, a bit more “interesting” if we prefer a bit of tint of pink in our glasses.
While the world wont end yet again and we’re not going to be quitting our jobs to live off the land in Yellowstone national park, 2012 wont be an easy year.

We’ve already seen many changes world wide in 2011. Europe, Spain and Greece mostly but also the rest of the EU are going through some extremely hard times, with a financial crisis that will bring along significant social changes. While the conservative party has won the elections in Spain and the socialist lie is mostly over many years of sacrifice await the Spaniard people.
In USA the crisis is still going strong, the social consequences I’ve mentioned so many times already becoming evident. People occupying the streets and public places across US, even restricting traffic, creating roadblocks like piqueteros do in Argentina, a scene I’ve hoped I’ve never see in USA.
Violent crime keeps getting worse, and many of the predictions made in this blog, which were more of logical deductions rather than guesses are taking place: Crime is getting worse all over US, even in the “nice” parts, even in the country and more rural areas. In the city things aren’t much better either. I received an email  today of a lady telling me that the police have warned neighbors that they wont be answering to home alarms any more: not enough money to do so.
That reminds me of how in Argentina in certain districts of Buenos Aires one day a week patrol vehicles have to stay parked, there’s not enough money for fuel for all seven days of the week.

Bringing out the Crystal Ball  here…

Everything we’ve seen in 2011 will keep  going on and intensifying. 2012 wont be a good year in general terms, nor will it be 2013 for that matter. The damage done by the crisis across the globe will take years to recover, even then things just wont be the same.
We’re looking at more taxes and more inflation. While unemployment has been kept in check the last months of 2011, during 2012 there will be an even more clear loss of standards of living. The jobs artificially created will impact the quality of life, the populations purchasing power decreasing.
Crime will keep getting worse, we’ll hear of more violent robberies, more home invasions. We’ll be hearing of more people being put to the test and seeing if their security preparedness was up to the challenge or not. The business of private security will keep growing and many communities will start to close themselves from the harsher outside world.
At the same time, its not all bad. There will be new economical markets to explore, people will be challenged by necessity and that can be good as well.

In terms of government and freedom, we’re looking at a historic opportunity with Ron Paul as a candidate. If you’re asking yourself what it is you can do to save USA from the grim future its heading to, that’s your answer. Ron Paul with his strong convictions about freedom and sincere belief in the US Constitution can make the hard decisions that are so unpopular among the lobbyists and mega corporations. I was watching yesterday on CNN how this creature that appeared to be a woman in a brown leather jacket but looked more like Jabba the Hutt kept attacking Ron Paul in an interview time and again. Still people, he’s running #2, something that the CNN media group cant stand, with all his proposals of non intervention in foreign countries and budget cuts. Ron Paul actually has a chance this time and that means there’s a chance of a better future for USA and the rest of the world. It doenst even matter if you like Ron Paul or not. He’s the only man that, placed in the oval office, can make the changes needed to eventually solve the problems that have brought so much misery world wide.
As for the blog, we’ll keep growing like we did in 2011. The forum at themodern survivalist.com keeps getting more and more people joining each day. During 2012 I’ll keep writing and posting about what actually can be of help for people in terms of preparedness.
Security,Survival & Preparedness as well as financial preparedness and street smarts for the more challenging world we live in.
Takce care everyone and I hope you all had a Happy New Year!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the perspective FerFAL. I agree with everything you have said. I have one comment about Ron Paul, however. Many people don't like some of his policy stances (e.g., non-interventionism). To them I would say that so far Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate in my recent memory (I'm 28) who is not obviously bought and paid for by the bankers, the corporations or the mainstream media and who has the courage to tell the American people the truth. These two qualities (personal integrity and a no BS attitude) are more valuable to me than any specific policy he wants to implement. If we select leaders with integrity, then all the other policies will fall into place as they should.

gaga said...

The problem with Spain (20% of GDP spend on building property, Banks and customers up to their neck in debt and negative equity) was instigated by a non-socialist government. The Socialists took over in 2004 but nothing could stop the crash occurring two-three years later. The lure of property speculation is too strong and it did it for Ireland as well.

Government love a property/lending boom, no matter their political persuasion. And remember the Spanish government were running a very low debt level (lower than the whiter-than-white Germans) until the property crash.

Loup Espiègle said...

Hum, I think we'll have to wait for December 22th to say the world did not end in 2012 :-D

Anyways, it's never too late to prepare for adversity.

I'm waiting for the French presidential elections, it's gonna be a wild ride, especially if the socialist candidate wins. He's an "economic terrorist" IMO. :-/

May 2012 be full of fun for you all !

Pitt said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the your predictions Fernando. I talk to people everyday who are freaking out because someone they know personally was robbed, or beaten or killed. Personally in the past year I've had an associate killed in a home invasion and just before Xmas a co-worker was robbed in the parking lot of a sporting goods store.

Financially, everyone is hurting. I've got a good friend that is selling his guns to pay bills. Its depressing really, but it has impressed upon me to double my efforts to secure my family's safety and future.

Anonymous said...

So, knowing that at various times the different parts of the world have gone down in a heap in flames and death, can anyone say how subsequently the same areas get to be peaceful and tranquil and idyllic? How does that happen on the way back up?