Thursday, January 26, 2012

Relocating: Where to go?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for posting this most interesting video. Sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into thinking through what situation would be best for you and your family. Best of luck there in Ireland!

I'm curious, you didn't mention anything about the Asian countries where English is spoken. Did you not include those because of the difficulty in getting residency?

Anonymous said...

Great vid as always Fernando. You didn't go into any detail about New Zealand. Was distance the problem there (like Australia), or was there other issues?
Joe in Missouri, USA.

Anonymous said...

Australia and New Zealand are admittedly isolated from Argentina and anywhere half decent.

Getting into the anglo sphere is a wise choice, not only because those nations stick together, so if something does happen, barriers to emigration will be lowered, but also because english is their first language. So moving to these countries for work, recreation or permanently, is not difficult. English is also the lingua franca language of the world and that seems only to be increasing. Ireland sitting in the middle of Europe also offers opportunity and encouragement to learn other significant languages like german, french and russian.

With the rise of asia, economically speaking it's a better bet to move to Australia and New Zealand. But for kids who grow up in Ireland, that won't be difficult.

Singapore is a first world nation that speaks english but it's culture is less anglophone, so it will be more of a culture shock. A caucasian person would also be more discriminated against, as are other asian ethnicities. It also has a high cost of living and is very difficult to get into. And it's in the middle of an area that in the future will likely be in some form of conflict.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you made the right choice moving to northern ireland.


Nickbert said...

Well you may have some regrets about not getting residency in the US, but if it makes you feel any better at least the quality of public education you get in N. Ireland is likely far better than in most of the US. There are still some places in the US with good public schools, but they are getting harder and harder to find. The political correctness, lowering of standards, and entrenched bureaucratic idiocy is running amok in US education. Our family has already made the decision that our kids aren't going to public schools in the US. All most US public schools will teach them is how to follow orders and be obedient workers with substandard knowledge... no thanks! It's so frustrating that a country with such potential like the US can do so poorly in this area.
Anyway if you're looking for another reason to be thankful for what you have in your new home, there it is :-)

Frank the Underemployed Professional said...

Interesting video. I appreciate the practical and realist approach. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that I wrote the text of your talk.

I found your blog from a link at the JD Underground discussion forum (http://www.JDUnderground.com), which is a forum for disenchanted American attorneys who want to protest and rebel against the law school scam. (Far more lawyers are being trained than there are jobs for them and new attorneys are often unemployed or severely underemployed and burdened with student loan debt that they cannot discharge in bankruptcy.)

I contemplate the issue of where to live often, although in my case the issue is, "Where to live in the United States?"

The U.S. is slowly transforming itself into a third world country. Wealth concentration amongst the upper class is increasing and the middle class is eroding rapidly. America is also very wasteful, engaging in expensive overseas wars for no significant benefit. We're also wasting huge amounts of money producing far more college graduates than our nation's economy can absorb. The other big problem is that America's politicians have no sense of economic protectionism and have essentially allowed the U.S. labor market to merge with that of the third world--Mexico, India, and China, resulting in mass unemployment and lower wages for Americans. We also have the most expensive and inefficient health care system of any first-world country. The USA is also under siege by religious lunatics who want to impose a Christian form of Shari'a law.

If I had to choose another nation, I'd consider Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with my preference being for New Zealand. I know that Canada and Australia have their own issues. My preference for New Zealand may be naive, but it has a low population (more land resources available per capita), it's a beautiful country, and I enjoy hiking and photographing mountainous terrain.