Monday, February 20, 2012

New Cold Steel Clip Point Voyager: Outstanding General Purpose Knife

Summary: 45 Bucks for this knife???? Just buy it. Now. Don´t think, just buy it, and if you don´t like it later may the Gods of Steel and everything that is Cool have mercy on your soul. That is all.

 Cold Steel Voyager Lg. Clip Point Plain Edge Knife  $44.99

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Anonymous said...

I am not buying anything made in Japan. Too much radiation there being found in everything. The US is not monitoring for radiation, but China, Russia, and Canada are and are turning back some goods found to have radiation. Too bad as looks like a good knife at a good price.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, I recall you have an original Vaquero; have you had a chance to compare the current Aus8A versions with the previous VG-1 steel? Wondering how the Aus8A stands up to daily use.

FerFAL said...

I have several Cold Steel AUS8A knives, they do very well, I could ask for more. Keeps an edge, easy enough to sharpen and good rust resistance if you do your part.
For the price, you get a LOT of knife. Using a top of the line steel would increase the price a good bit. With AUS8 doing well I see why they preffer to insted keep the price down. As I said in the post, its just one of those knives you have to have, especially at that price.

Anonymous said...

Is that the XL Voyager, about 6" closed? I own its predecessor and this one, its a BIG honking knife that would give a mummy goosepimples!