Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vacations in Tierra del Fuego

The blog is great, thanks for posting. I was wondering what you thought of Ushuaia or the rest of Tierra del Fuego as a vacation spot. Is it as unsafe as Salta to visit?
- Greg

Hi Greg, Ushuaia is very, very safe, probably one of the safest places in Argentina in terms of crime and violence, of course you still have to be careful to some degree as always but within context its very safe. This is mostly because well, it is called "the end of the world" for a reason, it’s the most southern town in the planet before reaching Antarctica. Theres the low population but most of all, its economically better off because of the local import/production industry and the amount of tourism it always gets. I've gone camping and trekking in Tierra del Fuego a few years ago, spent some time in Ushuaia. It’s a very interesting place, strange nature in those latitudes. There was these huge mosquito like bugs as large as a fist, but there’s no dangerous large predators. There's not that much to see but the prison is worth a visit same as the boat trip in the Beagle Channel, and the national forest is worth spending a few days walking about.
If you want  spend some time in the forests though, be well prepared, you just DONT want to get lost in the wild in such a far away place. Dont expect help to come any time soon if you get injured or to be found fast enough, so be careful and dont try becoming the guy from "Into the Wild", especially if you dont have much backpacking experience.
Take care and have fun!
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Double Tapper said...

It is something that is on the list "to do" once a few more things get done.