Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot item to Steal: Tide!

Thanks SiriusBlack over at the Modern Survivalist forum for bringing this up

Doesn’t’ go bad, its expensive and used by everyone on frequent basis: Laundry detergent  Tide!
Criminals are stealing it and later selling it to stores for below retail, even drug dealers are accepting it instead of cash, knowing a few bottles can be quickly sold and even 50% off retail leaves them a nice profit.

Expect more serious security at supermarkets in the not so distant future. I still remember the first time I saw a guard armed with a pump shotgun posted in front of a supermarket as food was being unloaded.
As things get worse, you’ll keep seeing more of this.

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Anonymous said...
Hi Fernando,
What do you think of these types of gates? I'm thinking of putting one up, most houses in the States you can just march up to the front door. We are gettting more and more beggers/solicitors/strangers on the front door. I'm thinking of putting this up just as a small deterrent.