Monday, March 12, 2012

Recent Burglary

I've got to say you book hits the nail on the head 100%
I was recently burglarized and had 3 AR-15's and a Saiga 12 shotgun were taken along with the wifes jewelry. This county in Ohio is very rural only, one deputy is on duty at any one time and the crooks know this. There are 4 three man teams working hitting in broad daylight, night when ever they want. I suspect this is only going to get worse. Concealed carry classes are going on almost daily.
I've learned a lot from this; dumped this years tax return into security cameras solar motion detecting lights, a new gunsafe a steel front door etc. Thanks for the book, I wish I had implemented more of your suggestions early on.

Hi K, so sorry you had to go through that.
I’ve helped people after home invasions, its such an awful experience. People feel their intimacy stolen from them. Its not just that they take your belongings, they touch and go through what’s private, you cant help feel violated.
Indeed, cash, jewelry, guns, drugs/prescription drugs and maybe some small electronics is what they go for. There are cases where when they have enough time, they take everything they can, but in general that’s the short list right there.
You made some good suggestions there with the gun safe, security camera and lights.
Unfortunately these emails are becoming more and more common. While there’s some crime you avoid in less populated areas, I hope that by now people get it that distance does not equal safety. Yours isn’t the only email I’ve got about home invasions in rural locations.
One thing you might try doing is going to local and nearby city pawnshops with pictures and descriptions of what got stolen. You might get lucky and land with someone that identifies your belongings, its worth a shot.
Also guys, remember to take photos and make short videos of your belonging for the insurance company. A robbery, fire or some other disaster may occur and a short clip or drive with photos saves you time and money if you ever need to make a claim.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if there would be an easy way to permanently write your name inside a gun's frame so you can help track it down at pawnshops later. Most criminals are probably not going to dissassemble the gun.

I've used magic marker to record which magazine goes with which gun, but it comes off pretty quickly with handling or cleaning.

Anyone have better ideas?

Anonymous said...

Couple of options: an electric engraver that lets you mark into the steel, or an electrochemical etcher that uses a template with your desired markings, some chemicals and an electric current to erode the template's contents into the surface of the metal.

The electric engravers are cheap. Should be able to find one for about $20 at most hardware stores.

The electrochemical etchers are more expensive, but they're fast to apply and look a lot better. The "Etch-a-Matic" kit can be had for $120 and there are similar units from other companies.

If you have a lot of guns, and/or a lot of tools, etched markings are a good way to quickly and neatly mark them, though you may need to remove the finish to reach bare metal for the etching to work.